Friday, September 09, 2016

Links of the Week.

Gary Johnson: We need a path to citizenship and easily available work visas — and calling illegals “illegal” is “very incendiary”MSNBC’s Joy Reid Asks Trump Surrogate Not To Use Offensive Term "Illegals" – He Refuses
Burn the...
Hate Group SPLC Labels ‘White Lives Matter’ a Hate Group
FBI’s Comey Proposes an ‘Adult Conversation’ About Giving the FBI Whatever They Want
UVA Rape Hoax: Frat’s Lawsuit Against Rolling Stone Will Go Forward
But I Thought Gun Control Was a Winning Issue?
Yes, the unhinged attacks on Romney mean no one is listening on Trump
Why Democrats Want Lots of Muslim Refugees in America
NY State Attorney General Let Clinton Foundation Hide Foreign Donors
Vox: If The Clinton Email Scandal Has Taught Us Nothing Else, It's That Email Should Be Exempt From FOIA RequestsHillary’s Speech on the Alt Right
Title IX’s False Expectations Hurt Too
Not News: SEIU on the Losing End of First-Ever Defamation Verdict
IT Tech Who Wiped Hillary's Emails After Hearing From Her Lawyer David Kendall First Claimed He Couldn't Remember Doing So, Then, When Given Immunity, Admitted He Had Done It Knowing It Was Illegal

Chicago Cop Slammed Man’s Head with Metal Baton For Following His Orders as he Walked Away Indicted for Aggravated Assault
Sovereign Immunity Is Medieval Harlotry
6th Circuit to Burleys: Tough Nuggies
Louisiana sheriff (Jerry Larpenter) illegally uses criminal libel law to unmask a critic
Court To Cops: Residing In A State Where Marijuana Is Legal Does Not Automatically Make A Motorist 'Suspicious'Reforming Police Unions Necessary to Restore Public Confidence in Law Enforcement, Says New York TimesPolice Union's Proposed Contract Looks To Whitewash Officers' Disciplinary Records