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Houston Officer Behind Deadly Botched Raid Hit With Two Felony Murder Indictments
Rick Wilson Issues Warning For Slow-Learning GOP Senators
Yeah, They Will Kill You Dead
Beyond Monday's Gun-Laden March In Richmond, Militias' Plans For A 'Civil War' Look To Go National
Virginia Gov. Northam Smears Gun Control Opponents to Frighten His Base
Doing Damage Control After Richmond
Democrats Say Rally Won’t Impact Their Plans For Gun Control Legislation
GQ Declares Nonviolent Richmond Gun Protest Violent After Admitting It Was Nonviolent
Not on the god-emperor's watch:
Deputies Caught on Camera Entering Home after Cutting Wires to Outside Cameras
A Year Ago, the Media Mangled the Covington Catholic Story. What Happened Next Was Even Worse.
Sokolow’s Astute Observations On The Failure of Title IX
Martha McSally’s Blasphemy
The Media Loves — And, I Mean, Really Loves — Adam Schiff
Is Noah Berlatsky a Pedophile?
National Review’s Dangerous Third Way On Impeachment
Spy Court Admits FISA Warrants Against Carter Page Were ‘Not Valid’

Shame on the GOP

Shame on the GOP as the party of rape apologists for the credibly accused Duke Lacrosse/UVA Frat gang rapists that will hypocritically not defend Hollywood, the media and the press because of Politics, looking for any info to discredit the victim's story or smear the women by pointing out inconsistencies that proves the rape victims suffered trauma.  More discrepancies in a rape victim's story proves the rape because the traumatic event distorts the memory of the event and anything related to the event.
 They created a toxic narrative so bad, insulting and hurtful that progressives refuse to talk about them. Just like the CBC and the teabaggers yelling the N-word at John Lewis.

The Duke Lacrosse Frat Gang rapists were proven guilty because they were indicted and could have been prosecuted Federally under Obama's DOE #TitleIX guidance.

lying idiot hack Dayvoe debunked by reading the law.

This morning, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler tweeted this:
Thanks @trish_regan for calling out the ridiculous claims from the far left. Soleimani was a terrorist and enemy combatant, and the world is a safer place since @realDonaldTrump took him off the battlefield. — Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (@GReschenthaler) January 24, 2020 Wow. There's a lot to unpack.

Let's start in the middle and work our way out, shall we? Fox "News" talking head Trish Regan is appalled that some:
...liberal ex-CIA attorney is now accusing President Trump of HOMICIDE for killing Iranian terrorist general Solemani! This part of the story is, in fact, true.

In her article at the Daily Beast, ex-CIA attorney Vicki Divoll writes as such:
In bragging that he ordered a successful hit on Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, President Trump has admitted to killing a senior government official of a sovereign state, Iran, while he was traveling in another sovereign state, Iraq. On its face, his conduct and intent satisfy the elements of premeditated murder under Section 1116 of Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code, "Murder or manslaughter of foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons." If you were curious, you can find Section 1116 of Title 18  here. Opens with this:
Whoever kills or attempts to kill a foreign official, official guest, or internationally protected person shall be punished as provided under sections 1111, 1112, and 1113 of this title. In this case, Solemani was a "internationally protected person" and the law defines that term as:
...any other representative, officer, employee, or agent of the United States Government, a foreign government, or international organization who at the time and place concerned is entitled pursuant to international law to special protection against attack upon his person... I'm not a lawyer, but if I am reading the law correctly and despite the obvious blood on his hands, Solemani certainly fit that definition of a protected person entitled to protection against attack.

It's the law. And I am sorry, Rep. Reschenthaler, it's not ridiculous.

On the other hand, you and your party defend a man for whom the term "rule of law" has utterly no meaning.

Now let's back out of that to Guy's opening:
Solemani was taking the pallets of cash that Obama had sent him as part of that bunk nuclear deal... There it is. Those mythological Obama "pallets of cash" that the GOP likes to reference (but not explain) whenever it's cornered.

I'll let Reuters explain this, again:
The United States and Iran on Sunday settled a longstanding claim at the Hague, releasing to Tehran $400 million in funds frozen since 1981 plus $1.3 billion in interest, the State Department said.

The funds were part of a trust fund once used by Iran to purchase military equipment from the United States but which was tied up for decades in litigation at the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal. Yes, Solemani was a beast among men, no question. But assassination is against the law.

The ends do not justify the means.

Nor should they justify lying to the American People (as you did with those "pallets of cash"), Rep. Reschenthaler.
Blogger High Lord Inquisitor and Factchecker of 2PJ. said...
You are an lying idiot hack Dayvoe.
If we’re going to dip into federal criminal statutory analysis I’d enjoy it if the Daily Beast and Vicki Divoll would identify what part of 18 USC 1116 was violated — the theory under the statute.
EX-CIA Lawyer: The Soleimani Hit Was a Homicide Under U.S. Criminal Law
Was this murder? It sure looks that way, under a law that Congress passed specifically to deter global terrorist acts.
/2 Because when you say that something violated the statute you can’t just read the opening paragraph and assume your internal definitions of the terms are right. You have to see if the statute defines those terms.
/3 “foreign official” and “official guest” are both excluded by these definitions because Soleimani was not in the United States. The first definition of “internationally protected person” is excluded because he was not a head of state.
/4 The second definition of “internationally protected person” requires that Soleimani was “entitled pursuant to international law to special protection against attack upon his person.” I’m not an international law expert but I am dubious on this.
/5 In short, it sure looks like the author read the opening paragraph of a statute, threw together a Hot Take, and Daily Beast ran it without anyone familiar with the law being invoked (or even basic statutory analysis) vetting it.
/6 The thrust of the article seems to be “the nuances of international law aside, it clearly violates US law,” when in fact the only remotely plausible theory under the statute is explicitly based on whether international law gave him “special protection”

c)If the victim of an offense under subsection (a) is an internationally protected person outside the United States, the United States may exercise jurisdiction over the offense if (1) the victim is a representative, officer, employee, or agent of the United States, (2) an offender is a national of the United States, or (3) an offender is afterwards found in the United States.

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New Sharyl Attkisson Lawsuit Over Alleged Government Spying Names Rod Rosenstein and Four Others As Involved in the Hacking
Lawfare Blog Owner: The Horowitz Report Really Embarrasses Us and Hurts Our Credibility
Washington Post asks reporters to explain their ‘sunny remarks’ about the Steele dossier in light of the IG report
NYPD Cop who Terrorized Black Family Resigns after Pressure from Public
An NYPD Cop Was Sentenced to a Day in Jail for a Lie That Nearly Doomed a Man to 15 Years in Prison
Connecticut Racial Ridicule Prosecution: One Student Agrees to Probation, the Other's Case Is Still Pending
Good News: Qasim Soleimani, Dead as Dead can be
The Strange Career of Eric Boehlert
Who the F*** Is @EmmaVigeland?
Moms Demand calls gun sanctuaries ‘dangerous attempts to defy the democratic will of the people
New Lawsuit Is Latest Example Of Residents Seeking Accountability For Wrongful Arrests In New York City
Riding The Crazy Train With Ian
Pelosi Appoints Steele Dossier Truthers As Anti-Trump Impeachment Managers
Grand Jury Backs Murder Charges Against Houston Cop Who Lied to Justify a Deadly Drug Raid
Judge Says Chicago PD Must Release Nearly 50 Years Of Misconduct Files Before The End Of This Year
Yes, Obama Helped Fund the Iranian Regime
Cop Indicted After BB Gun Planted on Innocent Man to Justify Running Him Over with Cruiser
Caging Other Men

“This is a very important day for us. As you know I referenced temporal markers that our founders and our poets and others have used over time to place us in time, to emphasize the importance of time, because everything is about time."

Ex-DOJ official picked to review changes to FISA Court process was a critic of the Nunes memo
FISA Court Selects Lawyer Who Vehemently Denied FBI Misled FISA To Oversee FBI Reforms
Surprise! FISC Court Picks a Kneejerk FBI-Defender and Collusion Conspiracy Peddler As Its Pointman to Fix the Broken System He Claimed Wasn't Broken At All
Spy Court Picks FISA Abuse Denier To Tackle FISA Abuse
We now know: FISA court must go

From Progressive Feminist thought leader Amanda Marcotte.
Far right pro-gun group are Neo-Nazi terrorist groups.

    Why did Virginia’s governor declare a state of emergency in Richmond. In short, to prevent another Charlottesville

Pass No Fly No Buy. No one on the No Fly list should possess a gun. .
Ban anyone on the Terrorist Watch list from possessing a gun.
Add all members of the Extremist right Domestic Terrorist group the NRA to the Terrorist Watch list.
Make them support the Rule of Law.

Friday, December 20, 2019


James Comey Asked the American People To Trust the FBI. Why Should They?
Naming Names: It's Time to Name and Shame the Partisan Liars Who Attacked the American Democracy with Lies for Three Years
Hoplite Armor: Threatened By Cops For Calling Out The Cops
It's Pretty Unlikely the Cadets Were Flashing a White Power Hand Symbol at the Army-Navy Game
Video completely undercuts former NYPD officer about alleged assault
Handwritten Notes Document the Collapse of the Phony Story That Led to a Deadly Houston Drug Raid
Court Upholds Restriction on Videorecording in Government Buildings,
The Vapid New Standard of “Credibly Accused”
IG Report: FBI Doctored Evidence To Falsely Paint Carter Page As Russian Spy
Institute for Justice Takes up Case where Federal Court Ruled Government Owes no Compensation to Innocent Property Owner Whose House was Destroyed By Police
Officer Charged With Felony Murder Now Facing Seven More Charges Over Deadly No-Knock Raid
NYPD Finally Releases A Body Camera Policy That Gives The Department Plenty Of Ways To Withhold Footage
'Give Til It Hurts,' Says The NYPD To City Residents While Racking Up A Half-Billion In Lawsuit Settlements In Two Years
"I have complete confidence in Mr. Wray, and I know that the F.B.I. is not a broken institution. It is a professional agency worthy of respect and support. The derision and aspersions are dangerous and unwarranted."
Napolitano Goes Full Schiff
Illegal aliens line up FOR BLOCKS on first day New York is giving out licenses to them!
Schiff Under Fire For Denying Any Knowledge Of FBI Abuses
Andrew McCabe’s Defense Of The FBI And Steele Dossier Crumble Under Weight Of IG Report
FISC Describes FBI’s Handling of Page Warrant Applications as ‘Antiethical’
The FISC Order
IG Horowitz to Senate Panel: We "Didn't Credit" the FBI's Excuses For All Of Its "Errors," Because Those Explanations Are Not Credible
Lawfare Blog Owner: The Horowitz Report Really Embarrasses Us and Hurts Our Credibility
Baltimore Cops Have An Ugly Year
Honorary Reason libertarian Degenerate Foreign POS Cory Doctorow hit piece against Betsy DeVos
"religious fanatic whose access to two unearned fortunes"
Betsy DeVos quietly spends millions to promote the unpopular policies she hopes to enact as a federal official
Rule Based Impeachment
The secret federal Stasi
Cops Frame Innocent Brothers for Cocaine, Try to Destroy Video—But it Survived

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Appeals Court Denies Qualified Immunity To Cop Who Argued Citizens Have No Right To Defend Themselves Against Armed Intruders
Journalists Publish List Of Convicted Cops The State's Attorney General Said Was Illegal For Them To Have
Federal Court Says Man Arrested For 'Criminally Defaming' Cops Can Continue Suing To Block The Law From Being Enforced
Sydney Powell: We Were Just Informed That Our Infallible Government Workers Supposedly Marked All of Strzok's Notes as From Plietka and Vice Versa
ABC’s Hostin to Don Jr.: ‘My Law Degree Says’ Outing a Whistleblower Is a Federal Crime
Schiff has made a fatal error
Posters Found on Campus of Susquehanna University Say ‘It’s OK to be White’
New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Voted To Give a Civilian Oversight Board More Power To Investigate Lying Cops
Climategate ten years on.
What Is a 'Well Regulated Militia,' Anyway?
Lithwick’s Whimpers
Gun Confiscations? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
So very WRONG: Brit Hume dumps a nice, refreshing glass of REALITY on whistleblower’s attorney babbling about anonymity
SCOOP: CIA, FBI Informant Was Washington Post Source For Russiagate Smears
‘The View’ Host Falsely Claims Don Jr. Tweeting Whistleblower Identity Is A Crime
Fake American, fake patriot
Officer Who Served with Vindman Says Vindman Is a Partisan Globalist Democrat Who Would Casually Ridicule Americans as "Rednecks" to His Russian Counterparts
New York Residents Unprotected, Served Up To Criminals By NYPD Employees
Brooklyn DA's Office Latest To Release A List Of Cops It Doesn't Want Anywhere Nears Its Prosecutions
Criminal probe launched into Pima County deputy's fight with teen quadruple amputee
A vice too far Even evil corporations that proudly fly the rainbow flag are unwilling to get behind the P in LGBTP:
Jim Jordan points out that Vindman is the only witness Schiff won’t let answer questions about the whistleblower
Short Take: Bloomberg’s Epiphany
Linda Tripp: Schiff’s Impeachment Circus Has Come to Town
Photographer's Bullshit Arrest By A Dallas Transit Cop Nets Him A $345,000 Settlement
Attorney General Calls FOIA Requests 'Harassment' During Long Rant About How Much It Sucks To Be Running The Nation
Doc_Zero/John Hayward: The Media Is Going Full Orwell to Protect Their Narrative That Only Trump Ever Put "Kids In Cages"
The Kamala Harris 'Case' Against Tulsi Gabbard Doesn't Make Democrats Look Good
Alexander Vindman Now Threatens Bogus SLAPP Suit Against Fox News & Laura Ingraham

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State Department Concludes Hillary Clinton Email Review, Finds 600 Violations of Security Rules
Paul Sperry/Real Clear Investigations: You Know That Guy You Thought Was the First Fake Whistleblower? Yeah, He's the First Fake Whistleblower.
Take your lynching outrage and shove it
Gibson family appeals reduction of $44 million award in case against Oberlin College
Don't Look for Good Guys in Trump's Battle With the FBI
Former Time Editor and CEO of Constitution Center (!) Wants To Cancel First Amendment, Pass Hate Speech Laws
Targeting Judges for Following the Law
Revenge Porn Tested By Katie Hill, And Fails
Gagliano Reflex
The Unreasonably Scared Aaron Dean
Victims of Marijuana Raid Based on Tea in Their Trash Get Another Chance to Hold Cops Responsible
For those angry at Matt Gaetz and his SCIF sit-in, you were equally angry at Dems for their House sit-in in 2016, right? RIGHT?
REPORT: Fusion GPS founder reveals Steele dossier memos made it all the way to “President Obama”
Police Interrogation Consultants Are Suing Over Netflix’s When They See Us
Infamous Police Interrogation Firm Sues Netflix For Defamation Over Criticism Of Its Interrogation Technique
What else has NASA lied about?
Cops: People In Their Own Homes Are In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Whenever A Cop Enters Unlawfully
Georgia Woman Takes Home $100,000 Settlement After Bogus Criminal Defamation Arrest By Her Ex-Husband (And Current Deputy)
New York Police Union: Lying And Violating Rights Is Just Part Of Everyday Police Work
Portland Police Review Board Says It's OK For Officers To Lie To Get Someone To Stop Filming Them
The incredible collapsing ‘#ExxonKnew’ climate change lie
McIntyre speaks: on Mann, sticks, and data mannipulation

Friday, October 11, 2019


Secret Court Rules That FBI Violated Americans' Rights in Using Raw Intelligence Database for Unlawful Purposes
FISA Court Finds The FBI Is Still Violating The Fourth Amendment With Its Abuse Of NSA Collections
It Appears That the Russiagate Fraud Was Directed by Obama
Clapper Admits Obama Directed Him To Go After The Trump Campaign
Ed Rollins: Intel Chiefs Need to Explain Who Signed Off On Inserting CIA Agent Into WH
The Baer Necessities
White House Tells Pelosi: Your Fake Impeachment Subpoenas Have No Real Legal Authority
Continetti: White House’s Resistance To Subpoenas Similar to Holder’s Obstruction Over Fast and Furious
NYPD Slows Down Law Enforcement, Increases Citizen Complaints
DOJ And DNI's Attempt To Bury Whistleblower Report Yet Another Indication Of The Official Channels' Uselessness
Violating The Fourth Amendment To Break Up An Underage Drinking Party Means No Qualified Immunity
Grassley Tells IRS To Ignore Calls For Russia-NRA Probe
White House Doubles Down On Stonewalling
Poll Shows Majority Support For Impeachment Inquiry

Friday, October 04, 2019


Pollak: 5 Times Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano Said Trump Committed a Crime — And Was Wrong
Watch–Angel Moms to Congress: ‘You Are Co-Conspirators’ in the Deaths of Our Children
Child Abuse
A License for Outrageous Police Conduct
"Islam Is RIGHT About Women"
City Commissioner Calls Cop "Rogue" as he Receives Deputy of the Month Award
Politics of, by, and for the Seriously Disturbed
Complaint From So-Called ‘Whistleblower’ Is Riddled With Gossip, Blatant Falsehoods
The noble savage
Intel Community Secretly Gutted Requirement Of First-Hand Whistleblower Knowledge
The taxpayers of Connecticut will now be held liable for troopers who recorded themselves conspiring to frame an innocent man after they trampled his rights.
A Message for "Exhausted" Alleged Conservatives
Senate Dems to IRS: Strip the NRA of tax-exempt status
5 Misconceptions Promoted by Democrats During Their 'Gun Safety Forum'
FLASHBACK – Hillary Clinton: ‘China, If You’re Listening … Get Trump’s Tax Returns’
Bloomberg Law Finally Retracts Its False and Misleading Story about Leif Olson