Friday, July 12, 2019


Retired Major General Paul Eaton: hack, hypocrite and odious dipstick
Media Matters Defends Antifa in Andy Ngo Attack: Questions ‘Cement Milkshake’
NYPD Cops Lie And Plant Evidence To Meet Quotas
LGBTQ Writer for Think Progress Gave Longtime Friend Ultimatum Over Her MAGA Hat. She Chose the Hat.
Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging Des Moines police illegally detained a man who was recording them
I’m 31. I’m a Lawyer. And I’m Still Getting Stopped by the Police.
Video Of Confrontation At White House Edited To Cut Out Reporter’s Initial Taunting Of Crowd
Judge Rebukes Mueller for Falsely Alleging Evidence of Russian Government Involvement In Hack; Muller's Own Prosecutor Admits No Evidence Mueller Testimony to House Postponed
Court Upholds Conviction Of Cop Who Threatened, Beat, Tased, And Arrested A Man For Complaining About Being Beaten By Him Earlier
Florida Deputy Arrested for Planting Drugs on Dozens of Victims over Two Years
Florida Sheriff Deputy Arrested After Planting Drugs on Innocent People
Still no global warming
Another AG Gets Into The Act (Against The NRA)
NRA financial records subpoenaed
Trump's DOJ Grilled Dossier Author Christopher Steele And Found Him Credible

Friday, June 28, 2019


Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan: Psst, Hillary Clinton and the DNC Employed a Foreign Agent to Buy Disinformation From RUSSIANS
Qualified Immunity Is an Unqualified Disgrace
Phoenix Police: “I’m Going To Put A Cap In Your Ass … I’m Going To Shoot You In Your F****** Face”
Appeals Court Reminds Deputies That Standing By While Rights Are Violated Is No Better Than Violating Them Yourself
Qualified Immunity: Explained
Chris Murphy: Gun Control More Popular than Kittens and Apple Pie
Dear Democrats, Here’s How to Guarantee Trump’s Reelection
Podesta’s CAP Fuels Dark Money Group Hitting Trump with Lawsuits
Trump's Accuser Seems Bananas; David French Believes Her Implicitly, Because of Course He Does
FBI: corrupt then, corrupt now, corrupt forever
Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency nonprofit is broke
Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead: The Broke Wokeness of Anita Sarkeesian
Charges Dropped for 119 People After Cop Caught on Video Planting Meth on Innocent Grandma
Wallace knows "Robert Mueller found that Donald Trump committed crimes, that he committed ten acts of obstruction of justice" isn't true!
The Democratic Candidates Are in a Bubble on Immigration

Friday, June 21, 2019

2 Political Junkies: News From Trump's CONCENTRATION CAMP SYSTEM

ICE is the same as the SS-TotenkopfverbÀnde (SS-TV) Death's Head Units. .

The Border Patrol is the Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police) Gestapo.

The DHS is the Schutzstaffel.

I am glad progressives are pushing the concentration camp narrative to pretend that AOC is not a moron and defend their pro illegal alien and open borders policies.

Bonus points for George Takei saying FDR was a fascist with concentration camps.

Do you condemn the DEA for doing the same to Daniel Chong under Obama?

BTW if you want to split hairs on AOC saying concentration camps is not comparing them to NAZI concentration camps like Auschwitz, Dachau and Ohrdruf,  I do not want to hear Roy Moore is a pedophile instead of a Hebephile/Ephebophile.

2 Political Junkies: News From Trump's CONCENTRATION CAMP SYSTEM: From the AP : A 2-year-old boy locked in detention wants to be held all the time. A few girls, ages 10 to 15, say they've been doing t...

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Goldy Dossier

Trump should get a law firm to commission a commercial research and strategic intelligence firm [to hire a foreign agent] to create the Gold dossier that proves....
A) Obama and Holder knew, approved and authorized the Fast and Furious program and IRS targeting of Tea party from the beginning.
B) Obama and Holder are gay atheists.

Just like Fusion GPS, Perkins Cole and Marc Elias the general counsel for Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign did.
Precedent for foreign intelligence and using it against your opponent.
1) Be a Democrat
2) Include it in a Dossier. Call it the Steele Dossier
3) Give it to John McCain.
3) McCain will take it to the FBI.
4) FBI will take it to the FISA court.
5) IC/DOJ/FBI will investigate your political opponent.

    I’m very curious about the faux outrage of the half-second. Is the proposition that information should be rejected because it comes from a foreign power? This reminds me of the theatrics when one country ‘learns’ that its allies spy on it.
    Every country collects information on friends and foes. It’s usually considered to be acting responsibly. But if the new way of running a country is to reject foreign intel because it’s foreign, I guess Congress had better repeal the national security act of 1947 (as amended),

    As far as the complaint about the President saying he maybe would inform the FBI of such information if he thought something was amiss, what’s the problem? The national intelligence program is designed to collect information and then to give it to the President.

    And, indeed, the relevant law explicitly mandates that these various agencies act pursuant to the control, authority and direction of the President to obtain information to give to the President so that he can use it to make such decisions as he thinks appropriate.

    The notion that a President who receives information has some kind of obligation to phone up his subordinates to tell them what it is so that they in the very next sentence inform the President of what the President just told them is quite inefficient. And idiotic.

    Welcome to America. We have a Constitution which vests executive power in exactly one person at a time. The chief executive does not report to department heads, officers or employees of the United States; they all answer to him.


True the Vote Wins Battle Against IRS as Judge Orders Tax Agency to Pay Legal Fees in Decade-Long Fight
It’s time to hold politicians accountable for their actions. It’s time to make them feel the pain they cause.
Kamala Harris: My DoJ will indict Trump for obstruction
Lock Him Up: Harris Says Justice Department Would Have “No Choice” Under Her Administration But To Prosecute Trump
Oberlin College to Jury: We’re cash poor and big punitive award to Gibson’s Bakery will hurt students
The Left’s Continuing Lies about the Terri Schiavo Case
Jesse Kelly is legit ‘horrified’ (HAHA!) President Trump is not following precedent for the use of foreign intelligence against a political rival
Lauren Southern and the sociopathic saboteurs
Conservative Jennifer Rubin calls for ouster of any GOP lawmaker who doesn’t condemn ‘disloyal’ Trump’s election meddling invitation
Oberlin College hit with maximum PUNITIVE DAMAGES (capped at $22 million by law) in Gibson’s Bakery case
How pro-Trump media spun Trump saying he’d accept dirt from foreign governments in the 2020 election
Taylor Swift’s New Single Is a Teachable Moment About How Not to Be an Ally
Family Research Council celebrates Pride Month by spreading vile misinformation and hate about the LGBTQ community

Friday, June 07, 2019


Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan lectures Conservatives
“Conservatism Is True.”
This Is What a Real Conservative Looks Like in 2019

Courts And Police Wrestle With Spate Of 'Red-Pilled' Domestic Terrorists Radicalized Online
Welcome to the Fourth Reich: Donald Trump’s assault on the rule of law will not end well

Hit ’em high, hit ’em low, hit ’em hard
Explains A Lot Mexican government admits 80% of its populated territory is run by cartels, including key border areas
WaPo wonders: Why can’t we just amend the Second Amendment?
John Dean Stars In ‘Worse Than Watergate!’
Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Open Or Concealed Carrying Of A Firearm Is Not Reasonable Suspicion Of A Crime
Totalitarian @GayWonk Is Attempting to Silence Conservative @SCrowder
PolitiFact can’t quite bring themselves to be honest about Barack Obama’s bald-faced gun lies
Kamala Harris Is a Cop Who Wants To Be President
Vox’s Carlos Maza says YouTube dominated by alt-right monsters, making Steven Crowder the ideal creator
Famed Sex Crimes Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Being Purged After Netflix Program About ‘Central Park Five’
Australia Mass Shooting Of 2019
One Man’s Perspective On Wayne LaPierre
Steven Crowder vs. Carlos Maza: Is It Really Free Speech If It Hurts Someone's Feelings?
Leil Leibovitz: How Virtuous Are the NeverTrump Virtue-Signalers, Really?
Dan Rather: America's Refusal to Repeal the 2nd Amendment Proves That the Nation is Unpatriotic and Without Honor

Friday, May 31, 2019


Shannon Watts says the gun control movement is finally outmaneuvering the NRA
Charlie Sykes: 'No Hoax, No Witch Hunt, No Attempted Coup, No Exoneration'
The Reaction To Justin Amash Reveals Just How Far Gone The GOP Is Today
Senate Republicans Have Already Made Up Their Mind On Impeachment
YouTube Claims To Be Pro-Equality But Loves Homophobic Clicks GayWonk Butthurt. 
Appendix: Instances of Obstruction in the Mueller Report

It’s Time to Make Chicago Police Pay For Their Misdeeds—Out Of Their Own Budget
We found 85,000 cops who’ve been investigated for misconduct. Now you can read their records.
Trump Orders Intelligence Agencies to Cooperate With AG Barr's Investigation; First Round of Declassified Documents Being Prepped for Release
THE QUOTE OF THE DAY Adam Schiff WhatAboutism
Planned Parenthood President Wrong on Illegal Abortion Deaths Pre-Roe
Fearing Supreme Court Loss, New York Tries to Make Gun Case Vanish
Supreme Court OKs Retaliatory Arrests For Engaging In Protected Speech
Dangers of a World Where "Almost Anyone Can be Arrested for Something"
Huge: British Spies Tried to Warn The US and Trump About Christopher Steele's Shaky Credibility; Were Those Warnings "Lost" in the Mail?
SFPD Finally Admits The Search Of A Journalist's Home Over A Leaked Document Was Probably Illegal
San Francisco Police Union Steps Up To Criticize Police Chief Over His Handling Of The Leak Investigation
Prosecutor On Forfeiture Reforms: Making Us Prosecute Drugs Cases Will Make It Harder To Prosecute Drug Cases
New Assange Indictment Makes Insane, Unprecedented Use Of Espionage Act On Things Journalists Do All The Time
Court Rejects FBI's Argument That Discussing NSLs With Lifted Gag Orders Would Threaten National Security
Barack Obama Is Lying about America’s Gun Laws Again
AG Barr is an Absolute BALLER

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

If they impeach Trump, he may leak this email.

To:  U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona Dennis K. Burke.
From: Attorney General Eric Holder
CC: Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, acting ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Robert Mueller. President Barack Obama
Date: October 27, 2009
Subject: Operation Fast and Furious
I had a meeting with the President about using the "gunwalking" tactic we discussed to catch Mexican Drug cartel gunrunners.   He approves that this program is the best course of action to covertly fight the NRA.  He does not want to pick a fight with the NRA until he is safely reelected, Even if no one is convicted, it will help bolster the talking point that 90 percent of Mexico's recovered crime guns come from the U.S.