Thursday, December 11, 2014

Links of the Week

What The Media Isn't Saying About Support For Stronger Gun Laws
New DoJ Report on Sexual Assault Finds Incidence of Such Violations Slightly Below the SJWs' Favored "One in Five" Figure
Techniques to Aid Authoritarians: The Supposed Statute of Limitations on Outrage
New Illinois Motto Announced "The Police State"
Illinois Just Made it a Felony for Its Citizens to Record the Police and the Media is Silent
Leftists hate hearing about the socialist roots of Nazism
Elizabeth Warren threatens to make the GOP shut down the government or something
George W Bush declines to back-stab the CIA over waterboarding.
The hot new Democratic trend to watch for in 2015.
Read Emily Yoffe Instead
The Nasty Little Secret of Progressive Statistics
When There Are No Men To Blame
New DOJ Data On Sexual Assaults: College Students Are Actually Less Likely To Be Victimized
False Rape Accusations Are Just as Evil as Rape Itself
Vibrant romance - young white woman being burned alive in Mississippi:
IQ is real and reliable
New Lois Lerner emails indicate Obama’s DOJ involved in IRS targeting scandal
Badge 4771, Houston Police, Admits that He Intends to Commit a Felony on Camera
Here’s What Happened When a Texas Police Officer Confronted an Open Carry Advocate and Thought Nobody Else Was Watching
Dunham horror
Should ‘Girls’ Star Lena Dunham Be Prosecuted?
After Volokh Critique, Time Pulls Eliza Berman’s Dismissive Swipes at Breitbart’s John Nolte
Lena Dunham Breaks Her Silence; AP Disgracefully Runs Interference
Lena Dunham, Rolling Stone, and Rape
Rape apologists, in an attempt to silence victims, hurt an innocent man

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Links of the Week

St. Louis Police Union Demands Punishment For 'Hands Up' Gesture By Rams Players
Ex-Cop with History of Lying to Protect Crooked Cops Wants Rams Players Punished for Free Speech
The Ram Has Touched The Wall, And St. Louis Cops Are Mad About It
Race Pimps Ostracize Nobel Winner For Scientific Statements
The New York Times Forgot To Disclose The Facts About Neil Tyson’s Fabrications
Unlike the Media, Mollie Hemingway Bothered to Read the House Select Committee on Intelligence's Report on Benghazi, and Here's What It Says
Is Failure to ID Really that Difficult to Understand? Corpus Christi, Round 2
Playing with Fire
Is There a Connection Between Police Unions and Abusive Cops?
The Killing of Akai Gurley: A Mistake, Perhaps, But No Accident
Because Even Bad Law Makes For Good Warrants
Jon Stewart Mocks NRA for Opposing Ivory Ban
Fashion is the new science
Banning "feminist"
The Alleged “Rape Culture”
The Media's Six Simple Rules for Criticizing Children of Politicians
St. Louis Officer Called Boss of Real Estate Agent Who Criticized Police on Twitter
Dear Media: This Elizabeth Lauten Nonsense Is Why Everybody Hates You
Media: Our Coverage of Elizabeth Lauten is Totes Warranted and Even If It's A Little Bit of Overkill, That's Just Because It's a Slow News Cycle, Not Because of Partisan Animus
Texas Cop Loses Job for Chokehold on Woman, 2nd Cop Disciplined for Ordering Footage Deleted
Killing Eric Garner
The death of the ‘objective’ journalist
Hillary’s Dumb Diplomacy at Georgetown

Thursday, November 06, 2014