Friday, September 22, 2017

Links of the Week

Obama’s Spy Scandal? James Clapper Claims FISA Wiretap Of Paul Manafort Conducted Without His Knowledge
Ex-tennis star expected to testify against police officer
Rob Reiner, David Frum Announce Nonpartisan Commission To Investigate Russia
And The Winner Is: An Anti-Christian, American-Bashing, Feminist Screed
NY Sheriff tells governor he can keep his executive orders to himself
Hillary: The lesson of “1984” is trust your leaders
Daniel Harless And Mark Diels Bully Innocent Citizens
After Self-Reflection, Journalists Discover They’ve Been Too Critical Of … Democrats
‘I AM a DENIER!’ – John Stossel on Global Warming ‘RELIGION of the LEFT’
The First Amendment Is The Left’s Thermal Exhaust Port
Climate Models Run Too Hot: Settled Science Again
Oh My: Climate Scientists Admit Past "Models" Were Wrong, Admit That the Rapid Warming Predicted by Models Hasn't Been Seen, and Revise the Schedule for the Apocalypse to Put It Off for 20 Years
Judge Re-Instates Group Defamation Lawsuit by UVA Fraternity Against Susan Erdeley and Rolling Stone for Fabricated Rape Story
Like A Rolling Stone: Defamation Lawsuit Against Magazine Reinstated By Second Circuit
Southern Poverty Law Center Smears Me
Getting pretty tired of the left's "Rules for thee but not for me." game.
Sources: Political Appointee Samantha Powers, Who, As Ambassador to the UN, Had No Obvious Intelligence-Analysis Role in Government, Made "Hundreds" of Unmasking Requests In the Closing Days of the Obama Administration, Averaging One Per Day
Tech censures satire sheet
Milo Yiannopoulos’ “censored” Berkeley event smells like a massive troll
Betsy DeVos directs schools to let accused rapists interrogate their victims

Monday, September 11, 2017

Here is the debunking of the Obama Title IX guidance Due Process talking point.

Betsy DeVos’s Title IX interpretation is an attack on sexual assault survivors

"DeVos also misrepresented the guidance itself, arguing that the Dear Colleague letter gutted due process protections for the accused. That’s false. The letter reaffirms schools’ obligation to provide for the rights of all parties involved in campus sexual assault cases and already requires many of the protections critics demand.
The good news is that over the last few years, a tremendous movement of Title IX champions — students and lawyers, teachers and legislators, many of them survivors — have come together to fight for victims’ civil rights. We’re better organized than this administration. And if the Education Department rolls back survivors’ rights, we’re ready to fight them in court, in Congress and in the streets."

Of course the Obama Title IX guidance did not originate in court or in Congress and said Fuck you the DOE makes the rules to both.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Links of the Week

Huffington Post Writer Sam Stein, Now of the Daily Beast, Wants to Hear from DACA Recipients Who Voted For Trump
Why Not? It’s Worked With Everything Else some commie California judge will find in favor of the state’s case, and then impose a nationwide stay on whatever Trump has done,Internal Strife at Everytown
Betsy DeVos: The Era of Weaponized Title IX in Campus Rape Cases Is Over
Betsy DeVos To Rework Obama-Era Campus Sex Assault Rules
Here Is Every Crazy Title IX Rape Case Betsy DeVos Referenced, Plus a Bunch More
Finally, a New Policy We Know Trump Truly Believes in: Protections for Sexual Assaulters
Pepper Balls Speaks
No Immunity For Cops Who Arrested Man Recording Them For Obstruction
Video: Andrea Mitchell seems very confused about immigration issues.
Judge tosses Palin’s defamation lawsuit against NYT: They may have been negligent, but that’s not enough
My Guess? The SPLC Is Sheltering Assets Overseas
There is no such thing as a “deserving DREAMer”
The Patriarchy Has Been Replaced By A Stifling Matriarchy
We Still Have Zero Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia
Florida Democrat Election Official Admits Noncitizens, Felons Voting
MSNBC’s Ari Melber says BRIBERY case against Menendez is OVERWHELMING…
Houston Resident Kristin Tate: Dem Mayor ‘Completely Failed the City,’ Refused To Order Evacuation
AP Refers To Illegal Immigrants As ‘Undocumented Citizens’
Sheriff Forced to Pay After Ordering Raid on Blogger Who Criticized Him
Justice Department Takes Baker's Side in Gay Wedding Cake Case Before Supreme Court
Justice Department Files Friend-of-the-Court Brief Siding with Baker in Gay Wedding Cake Dispute
Justice Department sides with baker
Dear Leftists, the Antifa are Marxist thugs, not heroes
The Antifa, Reinvented
Antifa Comes To GW: Filmmaker Assaulted By Protester Near Law School
The left must disavow Antifa
‘Antifa’ Professor Facing 40 Years in Prison for Assault Claims … Victimhood?
How Wrong Could Lawyer Gregg Re Be?
Police demand a nurse draw blood without a warrant, arrest her when she refuses
Nurse Alex Wubbels Refused
OBSCENE: Utah Cop ARRESTS nurse because she FOLLOWED the LAW…

Friday, August 18, 2017

Links of the Week

FoxNews Reporter Doug McKelway: Source Says Cops Were Ordered to Make No Arrests Without Explicit Prior Approval of Mayor; Police Evacuated Site Because it Was "Too Dangerous"
Did the Charlottesville Mayor Order Police to Stand Down, to Allow His Allies in #Antifa to Rough Up the Nazis?
Here’s How Virginia State Police Facilitated Violence At Charlottesville
NYT Op-Ed: What's With This "Innocent Till Proven Guilty" Crap For College Men Accused Of Sexual Assault?
Pax Dickinson: “Virginia State Police had explicit orders to drive [Unite the Right] into the antifa so we’d be assaulted”
NY Times Editorial Page Editor Testifying in Palin Libel Case Was The Atlantic’s Managing Editor During Giffords Saga
BUT THERE’S NO EVIDENCE OF VOTE FRAUD: Millions More Registered to Vote Than There Are Adults in the U.S.
Black Lives Matter founder: White nationalist speech isn’t protected under the First Amendment
Grapevine Police Officer Brian Hintz and Video Activists
No, Virginia State Police Weren't Outgunned By Militiamen
Antifa Started Violence In Charlottesville, Police Directed White Nationalists To Disperse To Where Antifa Was Group Sues Vermont AG for Withholding Emails About Climate Crusade Against Oil Groups
Read The Google Diversity Memo That Everyone Is Freaking Out About
Yes, Media Covered Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting. With A Pillow
CNN Reporter Lies About and Smears Google Engineer’s ‘Echo Chamber’ Critique
Defending Hateful Speech Is Unpleasant But Essential, Even When Violence Is The End Result
Federal Court Strips Immunity From Sheriff Who Tried To Silence A Critic By Having Him Arrested
The FBI is comparing NICS checks to a suspected terrorist database
Texas Cops Spent 11 Minutes Searching a Woman's Vagina, Found No Drugs
Sue, Sarah Sue
This Charlottesville Map Indicates Police Allowed Violence, Either By Accident Or Purposefully
McAuliffe’s lies
Jake Tapper "Reports" on Antifa Attacking Journalists... On Twitter. And Without Calling Them Antifa.Charlottesville: The “counter protesters” started the fight. The media is burying that fact to get Trump.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Links of the Week

Police chiefs are often forced to put officers fired for misconduct back on the streets
Police departments are often forced to rehire bad officers because of union contracts
Sources: Samantha Power, A Woman With No Intelligence Function, Filed "Hundreds" of Unmasking Requests In Relation to Trump and His Transition Team
JK Rowling Tweet About Trump Refusing to Shake Hand of Little Boy Gets 76,000 Retweets; Boy's Mother Asks Her to Correct Lie; JK Rowling Refuses
Shock: Same Media Outlets That Pushed Fusion GPS' "Research" to the Public Now Covering Up Fusion GPS' Work on Behalf of Mother Russia
Philadelphia Police Misconduct Complaints to be Released Online
Stephen Miller Rips Shameless Jim Acosta to Shreds on Immigration
When The “Victim” Says She’s No Victim
Law Enforcement Wrongfully Confiscates New York Veteran’s Guns
Moron who said Constitution doesn’t protect speech says Statue of Liberty is a SACRED VOW!
Trump Says Cops Should Rough Up Suspects; Receives Backlash From Police Officials
Missouri Attorney General Hawley Files Desperate and Deceptive Motion to Dismiss Backpage Lawsuit
Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a bar complaint against Orleans Parish District Attorney over fake subpoenas. FBI email dump reveals collusion between media and DOJ to squash 2016 Lynch Clinton meeting
Steve Schmidt loses it over White House in ‘meltdown’ mode: ‘We’ll pay a price for that soon’
My Views on BLM
PolitiFact Can’t Substantiate A ‘Mostly True’ Rating On Crime Rate Of Illegal Immigrants
USC’s Title IX Catastrophe: When Gender Studies Majors Act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner