Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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More Crushing of Dissent

Posted this at Crooks and Liars a blog that promotes Ben Mankiewicz's show.

They deleted it.

Off topic? Open Thread.

"This is a disingenuous jack@$$ and you guys believe every word he says. Ben Mankiewicz is host of "The Young Turks"

Hey Ben, the evidence points to the rape did not occur. And do not give me the "we do not have all the evidence". The open discovery law requires all evidence that the DA will use at trial to be given to the defense. Even if Nifong tried to hide evidence favorable to the defense.

You guys were ready to convict the Duke Lacrosse players of rape in the beginning when you "has no idea what happened in the Duke lacrosse sexual abuse case."

Now that appears that you and Nifong were full of BS and have no evidence to backup your case, you resort to "no one knows what really happened".

"no one knows what happened" on the night, those guys dragged James Byrd, Jr. to death behind a pickup truck. I guess they should go free using your logic.

The fact that this blog supports this guy shows just how disingenuous you all are. What a tool you are Ben.

"Duke, Deceit and Rehnquist
Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Underscores America's Deep Racial Divide


Jan. 8, 2007— Breaking news! This just in!

Nancy Grace has no idea what happened in the Duke lacrosse sexual abuse case. Neither does Tucker Carlson. Ditto for Rush Limbaugh.
And neither do I. Nor does anyone else, save the lacrosse players or the strip…er, exotic dancer, though they appear to disagree. Was it rape? Did she lie? Was there another kind of assault? Is she looking for attention?

Don't know. Can't possibly know. Wish everyone — from MSNBC's Joe Scarborough to CNN's Wolf Blitzer to District Attorney Mike Nifong — would stop talking about it.

But conservatives emboldened by Duke case prosecutor Mike Nifong's apparent ethical lapses should not deny one aspect of the case that rings resoundingly true: There almost certainly were racial taunts that night. And those black Duke students who came forward afterward to talk about feeling uncomfortable on their overwhelmingly white, wealthy campus were certainly telling the truth too."

Quote of the Day

In the comments of QandO, found this gem:
Reviving a bankrupt argument
"I think a better analogy for our liberal friends is the chicken-tax-payer. Given that you think the deficit is going to ruin this country and taxes must be increased (as opposed to reducing spending on things like farm subsidies, earmarks, a completely superfluous federal Dept. of Education, prescription drugs for affluent senior citizens, means testing social security, etc.) to avoid this calamity, why don’t you liberals pay more. Provide us with copies of your tax returns to prove that you have foregone any available deductions and you will no longer be a chicken-tax-payer. And don’t give us any crap about how you are merely taking deductions allowed by law. No one has to take any deductions if they don’t want to. If you think that the government is so wonderful, then put your money where your mouth is and pay for all the wonderful programs that you think it should provide to us.

I live in Los Angeles and have worked in the legal field for 15 years. I deal with my clients’ business and tax matters every day. The ratio of liberals to conservatives amongst my colleagues and clients is about 10 to 1. Every single one of the liberals does everything he can to pay as little income tax as possible."