Friday, October 09, 2015

Links of the Week

‘YouTube effect’ has left police officers under siege, law enforcement leaders say
FBI director calls lack of data on police shootings ‘ridiculous,’ ‘embarrassing’
‘In other words, yes, we really do want to take your guns. Maybe not all of them. But a lot of them.’
The Mask Falls: Left Calling for "Gun-Free Society"
Supreme Court Makes Preet Bharara’s Bad Day
Cross: Judge Richard Kopf on Cops Who Lie
‘Stuff Happens': CNN’s Ryan Lizza Is Why America Hates and Distrusts the Media
Remember Waco II? No? Good. That Means Everything Is Going As Planned
Yes, That Oregon Campus Was a Gun-Free Zone
Get your climate popcorn out
Australian scientist discovers ERRORS in Global Warming models that COMPLETELY undermine climate theory!!!
Every Single Suspect Arrested In Waco Biker Shootout Has Been Set Free
UN Broadband Commission Releases Questionable Report On 'Cyber Violence' Against Women
Here It Comes: Wash Post Writer Calls for "A Gun-Free Society"
Police Mag Calls Marilyn Mosby 'The Wolf That Lurks'
Cass Sunstein’s ‘Just Embarrassing’ Revisionist Second Amendment History
Ghastly! Former Abortion Dr. Describes A Typical 2nd Trimester Abortion To Congress
Obama: You Know, Hillary Might Have A Point. Perhaps I Should FULLY Embrace My Inner Tyrant And Unilaterally Enact Gun Control Measures Congress Won't Pass.
Cass Sunstein purports to explain "How the Gun Lobby Rewrote the Second Amendment."
If You’re Slut-Shaming Bristol Palin, You’re Not Actually A Feminist