Thursday, March 31, 2005

Liberals and Cuba

The New McArthyism Stems from Hollywood

I love these parts.

"raving about what a great country Cuba was, compared with the U.S.: better health care, lower infant mortality, and the music!!! Plus, Fidel, Che, and the revolutionaries"
To put it mildly, the look on their faces was one of disbelief. In response to comments about health-care and infant-mortality statistics, the wife said, "And you believe the information coming out of the Castro government? They make those numbers up to look good to other countries."
"The liberals at that party are exactly like those Hollywood elites we are always talking about here. The "free healthcare, 100% literacy and low infant mortality rate" spewing myopics who cannot stand Cuban-Americans because we actually know what the hell we are talking about when it comes to Cuba and it bursts their little moral superiority bubble."

Congratulations Kim du Toit.

Kim got a pissed off academic. Good for him.
We Have A Winner

$100,000 Challenge to Terri Schiavo Neurologist Experts.

Any takers?

CodeBlueBlog Issues $100,000 Challenge to Terri Schiavo Neurologist Experts.

Also checkout
Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Terri Schiavo Case

Welcome Baroness Catherine Crier to the Kingdom of Idiots

The Baroness screaming bill of attainder and unconstitutional does not make it so.
Idiot of the day CourtTv Anchor Catherine Crier

Friday, March 25, 2005

More Terri Links and Andy Sullivan crawls out of his hole.

What the Schiavo Case Is About
Michael Schiavo, Model Husband
Moxie Wants to Know Why the Court Wants to Kill Terri

Plus the winner of the best quote of the day.
"Hmm. I'm not sure a journalist who's British, gay, and a dissident Catholic, and who supported John Kerry in the last election would be our first choice (or 100th) as a go-to-guy on defining the proper bounds and content of American conservatism."


More from Ace with this message for Andy
"In short: Eat me, you reprehensible solipsistic twit."
Guess Who's Back With a Bee In His Bonnet About Religious Conservatives?

Terri Schiavo predictions

After Terri dies, the parents are going to sue Michael Schiavo for wrongful death.
If the rumors about Michael Schiavo denying Terri care and the nurses affidavits turn out to be true, we will hear the following from Michael 's defenders.
"Can't you get over (move on) Terri Schiavo."
"You are exploiting Terri Schiavo death."

Check out the following links.
Liberal Logic and Compassion
About Injunctive Relief
Debate Over Schiavo
Media Matters Underscores Judge Greer's Capriciousness

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

100,000 dead Iraqi innocent civilians

The latest from the anti-war / ANSWER crowd of 100,000 dead Iraqi innocent civilians is their latest attempt to prop up their fail movement.

RIP Terri Schavio

It appears the efforts of Congress was for nothing, Terri Schavio is going to die.

Here are some predictions
1) Michael Schavio will have the body cremated.
2) Terri Schavio will become a martyr and will be a club to bash the liberals/left for a long time.

I am thinking right now the term THUGS fit the liberals.

There are some very good blog entries on Terri Schavio.
Beyond Terri's Law
Schiavo Judge: the Tube Stays Out

Howard Veit is on a roll with Terri

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Washington Post Shill Whines About "Cottage Industry" of Discrediting The MSM

I remember during the Presidental election everytime that there was a negative frontpage story against George W. Bush in the Washington Post, it had a byline of Dana Milbank.

Now he's whining about people who criticize him.

My Bias for Mainstream News
By Dana Milbank

Here is just one quote
"You could dismiss my view as an admittedly self-serving claim coming from one of the dinosaurs of a dying media oligopoly"

Don't worry Dana. Already have.

From Washington Post Reporter Whines About "Cottage Industry" of Discrediting The MSM

Starving is a piece of cake.

Anyone who thinks Terri Schiavo will not suffer should go on a Hunger stike until she is dead.
L.A. Times: Starving to Death Is a Walk in the Park

Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on the BCRA - Campaign finance regulation

Checkout the following:

Gunnut hate speech found at Hog on Ice

Steve H. is once again engaging in Hate speech. (speech that a liberal disagrees with)

"How does the city plan to enforce the ban? Good question. Remember all the times you've heard a red-faced liberal scream, as though arguing with a demented person, "REGISTRATION IS NOT CONFISCATION!"? The city of San Francisco intends to use registration records to help locate gun owners who have not bent over and handed in their weapons. So those guns can be taken, and the owners can presumably be prosecuted."

Fat problem in European Countries

I am sick of Obesity stories about how Americans are too fat.

"Tired of hearing Europeans sniff about American gluttony"

Right wingers right about the ERA

I like this quote
"Yet it now looks like the "hysterical" "emotional scare tactic" "canards" may well have been quite reasonable predictions:"

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why this Blog was started.

This Blog was started in response to Archduke John McCain and Duke Russ Feingold attack on Free Speech Campaign finance regulation (It's not reform).

I may not be a legitimate online journalist but Archduke John McCain and Duke Russ Feingold can Go f*** themselves if they think they can stop me from exercising my first amendment rights.

Here are some link that reflect my position far more eloquently then I can.

Here is more on the hypocrisy of John McCain

List of Titles for the Kingdom of Idiots

The following titles are awarded to exceptional moonbats.
They are listed by rank:
Emperor / Empress
King /Queen
Prince / Princess
Grand Duke / Grand Duchess
Archduke / Archduchess
Duke / Duchess
Marquis / Marchioness
Earl (Count)/ Countess
Viscount / Viscountess
Baron / Baroness
Lord / Lady
Sir / Ma'am - Knight
The following titles are automatically rewarded
Subject - anyone (moonbats) who calls themselves a communist, socialist, anti-war. and Democratic Underground types
Serf - anyone who calls themselves a progressive
Peasant - anyone who calls themselves a liberal

Here are modifiers that can be applied to the titles.
in-exile - someone who is awarded at title but is willing to consider another point of view and is not a full moonbat or who currently takes a position I agree with.
honoree - someone who is awarded a title for pretending to be a moonbat.

Dead Queen of the Kingdom of the Idiots Rachel Corrie's Parents sue Caterpillar Inc.

By royal decree, faithful subjects of the Kingdom of Idiots should purchase a Caterpillar Pewter Emblem Cap to honor Saint Pancake.

Isn't she lovely?

Calling all wide eyed Pittsburgh subjects of the Kingdom of Idiots

Come see the the MOONBATS ON PARADE in Pittsburgh.
Saturday, Mar 19 2:30pm, Forbes & Murray Ave.

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