Monday, December 20, 2010

Links of the Day

Has Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Discovered Shame? Sadly no.
The Odious Eric Boehlert
Media Matters: When Will the Insufferable Soros-Funded “Journalist” Eric Boehlert Apologize For His Violence-Inducing Hate Speech?
Libtalker Dishonestly Uses FL Shooter Incident To Attack Beck
The Dude Who Tried Shooting Up The School Board Meeting
Jill Filipovic Responds to Michael Moore's Dismissal of Julian Assange Rape Charges as 'Hooey'
It's a Penalty ... It's a Tax ... No, It's SUPERMANDATE!
Manning Should Be Removed from Solitary
PFC Manning’s “Shameful” Treatment?
Syracuse University Thinks Satire Is Actionable Harassment
A Cuban Hospital Is No Place To Be Sick
Great news: Cuba banned Michael Moore documentary for being too rosy about Cuban health care
Moore: Hey, Cuba loved my movie!
Sicko Fatso strikes back
PolitiFact’s biggest lie
Politifact Is Not So Much Arbiter of Truth But A Bunch Of Liberal Hacks And Apologists
White House Science Czar Orders No Political Interference in Global Warming Sham
About That Study of Misinformation and Fox News
Aside From 4 Shots, It Was A Nice, Sunny Day
Top 10 Hoaxes Perpetrated by the Left and Trumpeted by a Complicit Media
Funny - Kaus Rubs It In, Good and Hard, on Dave Weigel
Does the Estate Tax Contribute to the Destruction of the American Family Farm? Media Matters Says No, Which Means...
Missile defense: a necessary cost?