Thursday, June 30, 2005

Two can play this "chickenhawk" game.

Two can play this "chickenhawk" game.
I am glad you leftist fans of the "chickenhawk" meme served in Bosnia, Afganistan, Haiti, etc.

McQ at The QandO Blog pulls it better than I can.

"I am deeply insulted by some commenters’ insinuations that anyone not currently serving is a "chickenhawk".

Don’t be Hermit ... its a bankrupt term used by a bunch of hyprocrits who demand of others something they’d never do (as demonstrated in this thread)."

"They have zero moral standing when they argue in favor of war but aren’t willing to put their own ass on the line.

Just as those who oppose the war have zero moral standing unless they’re willing to place themselves in front of our troops and act as human shields in Iraq, huh?

I mean, stop the war, guys ... get out there and actually DO it.

Same principle, but you won’t see that happening anytime soon.

In reality, the meme is exactly what I pointed too previously. It’s an attempt by the left in this country to stifle debate. And it’s a contemptable attempt."

What is also funny is when they encounter someone who served in Iraq and supports the war (like LT/citizen Smash, they say "If you support the war, why don't you go back there?".

The Chickenhawk Meme- Again