Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Links of the Day

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2007 - The Year the Hoax Died

Self righteous gender studies @$$ who will not admit he was wrong.

What amuses me about some on the right is how self-righteously protective they are of little girls — and how willing they are to tolerate the abuse of young women just a few years older than McClellan’s targets. The Norths and Rantels of the world are the ones who decry the “feminist sex police” who “scream date rape” on college campuses. The Norths and the Rantels of the world were vociferous defenders of the Duke lacrosse team, who while apparently not guilty of rape, were certainly guilty of the sexual exploitation of a working-class African American stripper. (And guess what, folks? Any comments about the Duke case will be deleted. Not the topic here.)