Monday, May 23, 2005

Cries of hyprocrisy

I love this quote from Jon Henke who I usially disagree with. However Santorum does seem to have Howard Dean foot in mouth disease.

UPDATE: (sigh) There's going to be a lot of this:
[long list of right wing blogs] Not one of these blogs has a single word on Rick Santorum calling the entire Democratic party Nazis. That's how they work, folks. This is how they do it.

Such cries of hyprocrisy would work a lot better if the blogger in question had criticized Robert Byrd when he compared Republicans to Nazis. Which Oliver Willis didn't. Come to think of it, I've noticed a few right of center bloggers criticizing Santorum already, but I don't recall a whole hell of a lot of Lefties criticizing Byrd. In fact, after searching a weeks worth of Memeorandum stories on the Byrd comment, I found only two Democrat bloggers who commented on it, and both defended Byrd.

Sideshow called Byrd's remarks "honest, intelligent criticism of GOP tactics", and TBogg dismissed it, writing "If this is what it takes to get their tighty-whities ... in a bunch, they must have something coming down the pike that they're really embarrassed about."

So, really, I think we can all get along just fine without cries of "hypocrisy" from them.

Santorum, Hitler and little history

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