Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Links of the Week

Marine’s parents want Murtha censured
In The Hands Of Monsters
Nifonged in California: Arthur Caromona
BBC continues to burnish its Rep 
US Soldiers Kill Reuters Employees Insurgents
"I Am Not Answering These Questions!"
A Senate Exchange on Birth & Partial-Birth Abortion
Haditha Butchers Swiftboat Jack Murtha
Estrich: I'm Old, Bitter and Dateless
Congress Should Support the Troops by Censuring Murtha
Woman Says She Confronted Hillary on Broaddrick in N.H., Was Led Out by Secret Service
Geraldo Exploits Zina Linnik’s Uncle to Make a Political Point with Which the Uncle Disagrees
The Case Of The Diamond Dildo
The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy (Hey, That's Not a Bad Title for a Book)
Obama: We Need A Permanent Assault Weapons Ban
John Fallon’s PC Blunder
Parker to the court: The pants shitting hysterics
Heh ... 
Liberals Just Too Darn Nice to Play Politics
A Plame Day
Netroot dilemma?
A Violent Culture of Entitlement: U of Minn. Atheletes Accused Of Raping Unconscious Woman, Caught On Cellphone Video
INNOCENT: “Ethics” & “Open Season” At NPR
Justice Delayed  
Bush vs. Clinton: Secrecy and Secret Renditions
The Lacrosse Case According to NPR
Human Rights Group Now Supports Baby-Killing
While We’re On The Subject Of Hookers, Where’s The Coverage Of Bill Clinton’s Latest Sex Scandal?
Last Call for "Rape-Crisis" Feminism?
The right of the militia to keep and bear arms?
War stories: You need to be able to recognize BS 
NPR: Our Side Is the Right Side
Democrats Pledge to Provide Federal Health Insurance Coverage for Abortions
Democrats Snub Vets for Freedom: Look What You Made Me Do!
At Least He’s Honest
After Awful Duke Coverage, NY Times Shows Sudden Concern for 'Racial Overtones' in Rape Allegations
More Al Gore Hypocrisy: ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Wasn’t Carbon Neutral
Did Environmental Passions Cause Split Between Larry and Laurie?
Democrats on eliminating the filibuster: 2005 edition
Two Simple Questions for Franklin Foer
Hugo Chavez, Peerless Democrat
The Times: Still Misleading
Spitzer staffers misused State Police
Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona has his own problems with politicizing science.
Free Speech: A dangerous Precedent
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Steps on a Cockroach
Changing Standards at the Times

Friday, July 13, 2007

Links of the Week

The Road to a Larger War 
Anti-gun advocates plead guilty to gun crime
In Which A Liberal Makes Himself Sillier Than I Ever Could
When Does a Massacre Matter?
AP Responds to DecapiGate
COIN- Replies from Mike Yon and Kiki Munshi
Michael Yon discusses Bless The Beasts, and the Children Live From Baqubah
Gore: Ignorant or Dishonest?
I wonder about this myself 
Lying Haditha Witnesses
Half A Dot For Mickey Kaus, Perhaps
Bulldozer's progress
Pot, Meet Kettle
"Whispering Truth To Power"
Murtha's "In Cold Blood" Slur Fails to Impress Marine Hearing Officer
Look At Who’s Combing The DC Madam Phone List
INNOCENT: Duke's Very Small Bathroom
Bush Muzzled Sturgeon General - Thank God!
America's Buddy Saddam: Bullsh*t
Stossel Responds to Kennedy's Attacks, Lists False Scares Environmentalists Pushed
Liberal Activist Goes Cuckoo on Carlson: 'You Preppy Punk!'
“Al Qaeda at pre-9/11 strength, analysts say”
A Resurgent Al Qaida?
Cooking The Data
The Media Lied — Iraq Did Meet Many Benchmarks
That Went Well
Charlotte, NC mayor being asked to apologize for true but ‘insensitive’ remarks about black youths
Stay Classy, Atlantic Monthly: Atlantic's Bitch-Blogger Andrew Sullivan Puts Out "Fred Thompson Is A Faggot" Rumor
John Stossel and a primer on the "smuggled premise" 
Rep. Murtha Running For Cover

Finally go see the feminist idiot archduchess Amanda Marcotte  in action.
Don’t support the NRA

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Here is the best debunking of the left's talking points (excuses) about the Duke Lacrosse Rape hoax.

Comment at newshounds.

"You are so wrong it's not even funny. The biggest crime is that a prosecutor acted totally inappropriately and maybe even illegally. Someone who works in the justice system can't be allowed to abuse it. If we can't trust our legal system to work the way it is supposed to, who can we trust?

And it's not liberals or feminists who will hurt chances of rape victims coming forward. It's FOX's rush call the woman in the Duke case a liar without waiting for the facts to come out that will keep a woman from from doing the right thing when she's been raped. It's FOX's lamenting on air that they couldn't release her name. It's FOX's speculating on her choice to be an exotic dancer and past sexual history. It's FOX's suggestion that she is looking to smack down some rich white boys and maybe even come out of this with some cash. All of these FOX reporting tactics will cause rape victims to have the fear of being smeared by the pundits of a news network. THAT is what will keep rape victims from coming forward."

First of all, Nifong did act illegally in his pursuit to send three overwhelmingly innocent men to prison for crimes they didn't commit.

FoxNews called her for what she was, a liar after the evidence proved Reade Seligmann was at a Wachovia ATM during the time of the alleged attack. By calling out criminals, false accusers (filing a false police report is a crime in NC, although charging her would have been political suicide for Roy Cooper), Fox leveled the playing field for the vicious slanderous attacks on members of the lacrosse team, who had been unfairly targeted on misdemeanors for years. One Duke lax player was arrested for having an open beer container, not in a cup on campus, and was sent to jail. (He was LDA as well, 21). The same police officer, Mark Gotlieb, let off an African American man in Durham go off scotch free after confiscating over 1 1/2 pounds of cocaine and illegal possession of a fire arm.

About the racial slurs. There was only one confirmed racial slur from a lacrosse player, from a player that was not one of the three accused, as a retaliation from a racial comment from Kim Roberts in a racially heated argument started by her. That's it...

About Collin Finnerty's DC conviction. The "alleged gay bashing incident" was a hoax as well. The media literally made the gay part up out of thin are. According to court documents, Finnerty threw a "fake punch" after he was sucker punched by Jeffrey Bloxgom, the alleged victim in the case... who it turns out, was not a homosexual. He adamantly denies the claim to this day. He is straight and has acknowledged he started the fight. The judge in that case was looking for some media attention when the rush to judgment in the Duke case was in full swing and the MSM pounced upon the other false accusation.

To the people talking about hiring strippers. Hiring strippers is a common act among a large percentage of college males, but it is far more common among the lower class. The drinking underage argument is absurd as well, made my people who haven't stepped foot on a college campus in the last fifty years.

For those who who think something happened, you simply wanted the allegations to be true for your agendas. You were proven flat out wrong and simply cannot deal with it. It is sad and pathetic. You are ignoring one of the biggest hoaxes in our criminal justice system over the last ten years because it doesn't fit into your agendas. You are all racist and a disgrace.

Links of the Week

Swedish Scientist Accuses UN's IPCC of Falsifying Data and Destroying Evidence
Matthew Yglesias- Counter-insurgency guru
Crystal Gail Mangum — Handwritten Statement — April 6, 2006
Nifonged in New York: Report on the Conviction of Jeffrey Deskovic
A Lesson In Hysterics & Hyperbole From Keith Olbermann
Jesse Jackson Arrested at Gun Shop Protest
Damn the Reality, Full Meme Ahead!
Code Pink’s “Sugar Mommy” - Jodie Evans
Shock: SayUncle agrees with the Brady Campaign
Claim That Sea Level Rising Is a Total Fraud
The BCRA Loses In Supreme Court Decision
Gore Blames Scientists For Being Too Stupid To See His Point
Brodhead Wins Sheldon Award
Gore Challenged
The Moral Blindness Of Glenn Greenwald
NBC Features Woman Blaming Wildfires on Environmental Regulations
Would You Do It To A Lesbian?
Coulter Trims the Breck Girl's Beard
Breaking News: Texas Supremes Uphold DeLay Indictment Dismissal
Responding to Syl Jones (and Nifong)
Twice as Many Women Admit to Domestic Violence
Newsweek serves up the hot news that voters are swayed by emotion...
PEW Global Poll Being Misrepresented By Media
Mika Brzezinski Is Five Parts Hot, Seventeen Parts Awesome
Large Payment Awarded After 30 Years of Divorce
Court to censors: Take a hike to Morocco
Actor Gary Oldman Defends His Choice To Not Be Famous
Chris Benoit
"Where’s the Fairness Doctrine when you really need it?"
Hillary’s AIDS Lie
Another attempt to censure Larry Johnson goes awry…
Terrorism - The Left’s Spectrum of Responses, From Irrational to Idiotic
Japanese Propaganda and American Mass Media
al-Qaeda My Lai
Malveaux: "No Comment"
These are the times that try men's souls -- not all men, of course, but some of them. And women, of course. But not all of them, naturally...
Media Still Casting Wilson/Plame As Glorious Tellers Of Truth
Bush Blows It