Monday, October 31, 2016

Dayvoe posts Bullshit hack narrative that Trump being charged with RICO and Child Rape"

2 Political Junkies: And Now A Word From Salman Rushdie And Joss Whedon

"Trump will go on trial in November accused of racketeering, and again in December accused of child rape."
Dayvoe lies debunked at

The Facts About A Couple of Pending Lawsuits Against Donald Trump

 Update: civil Child rape "trial" or completely routine early status conference that has the accuser and her witness affidavits using pseudonyms has been dismissed.

@LisaBloom Jane Doe instructed us to dismiss her lawsuit against Trump and Epstein today. Tough week for her. We wish her well.

The case was so strong and airtight against Trump that "the plaintiff has even *attempted* to serve any complaint on any defendant."

Saturday, October 29, 2016

2 Political Junkies: Please, Hillary, when you become President, clear all these stupid dicks out of the place

2 Political Junkies: Please, Hillary, when you become President, clear all these stupid dicks out of the place

Please, Donald Trump, when you become President, sign an executive order ordering the release of all documents (including emails) about Fast and Furious Gunwalking,  IRS Targeting of Tea party groups and the NOAAglobal surface temperature dataset.
Fire everyone at the DOJ and IRS involved with the Obama Administration scandals of the Ted Stevens case, the Daniel Chong case, Fast and Furious Gunwalking and IRS Targeting of
Conservative groups

Friday, October 21, 2016

Links of the Week

FBI Director: We Need More Data On Police Shootings So Law Enforcement Can 'Change The Narrative'

Stupid Fact Check: Politifact Claims NRA Is ‘Mostly False’ Directly Quoting Hillary on Gun Confiscation
Facts are a Matter of OpinionLas Vegas Attorney Stephen Stubbs Explains How Not To Get Beaten And/Or Shot By The Police
Rolling Stone reporter: I stand by everything I wrote except for stuff from my main source
Naked Trump statue “hilarious”. Naked hillary statue “obscene” and “grotesque”
FBI Director Comey: Small group of videos are not ‘proof of an epidemic’ of police brutality
Smithsonian Insists That Clarence Thomas Simply Did Not Make The Cut Of Great African Americans At The Opening Of The African American Museum . . . While Anita Hill Did

Blow Is Only A Figure Of Speech

The Integrity of the Electoral Process

Haring; Marines’ requirements for infantry officers are unrealistic

CNN: It Is Illegal For Voters To Possess Wikileaks Material

‘Remember, it’s illegal to possess’ WikiLeaks Clinton emails, but ‘it’s different for the media,’ says CNN’s Chris Cuomo
CNN claims that it’s illegal for you to read Wikileaks documents without their filter

Links of the Week

Paul Krugman Got His Degree In Being Wrong All the Time
Leftist Hypocrisy, It’s What’s for Breakfast
Rolling Stone would like a judge to toss out that whole “Jackie” case
Oh Look, That SPLC Survey on Post-Election ‘Hate Crimes’ Left Out 2,000 Committed Against White StudentsWould A Registry of All Muslim Immigrants be Unconstitutional?
WATCH: CNN host loses it when Trump supporters claim California ‘allows’ 3 million illegal votes
WATCH: CNN host goes ROUNDS with Trump supporters on whether 3 million illegals voted or not
The Guy Who Subpoenaed Reason, Preet Bharara, Met With Donald Trump Today
Can Kiddies Consent?
New York Attorney General Ordered to Release Climate-Change Pact
Tough Times to be a Progressive
CA: Appellate Court Affirms Removal of OCDA from Dekraai Prosecution, Slams DA and AG Along the WayTrump Crackdown on “Politicized Science”: NASA Climate Division to be Stripped of Funding
Internet Archive Calls Out FBI For Using Outdated NSL Boilerplate; Scores Removal Of Gag Order
The fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Mike Pence lies about centrist Hilary Clinton at the VP debate.

That She supports these popular progressive views.
1) Gun Bans, Registration and Confiscation. Removal of Gun Owner's due process rights.
2) Abortions on Demand, Partial Birth Abortions and abortions of fully formed healthy babies older than 30 weeks.
3) Banning Speech she disagrees with as Hate Speech.
4) 75% Income tax on the 1%.
5) When someone dies their body and all worldly possessions should become property of the state .

Prediction from Republican operative and former campaign manager for John McCain's 2008 run  Steve Schmidt
"Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States. Chuck Schumer will be the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, And the only question that's still up in the air is how close the Democrats will come to retaking the House Majority."