Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Duchess Lynn Cullen calls for impeachment of George W. Bush

Yesterday, a local talkshow host (Duchess in the Kingdom of Idiots) Lynn Cullen was complaining about the Wall Street Journal "doublestandard" on perjury. She also said that even if Fitzgerald found no wrongdoing, we should impeach George W. Bush based on what she read (i.e. New York Times) and her "critical thinking".

I sent her the following email:
"From the WSJ editorial page
"Let's stipulate that the law is the law, and if Bush
Administration officials lied to a grand jury in the
clear and obvious way that Bill Clinton did, they
should be prosecuted."

That is why you did not read it.

It is nice to know you now see perjury as a crime.
However only if it is a republican.

I also love you calling for the impeachment of George
W. Bush based on your "critical thinking" about the
"lies" for the war with Iraq. You claimed that even if
Fitzgerald found no wrongdoing George W. Bush should
still be impeached because you know the administration
is guilty.

Let me use the same standard with Bill Clinton. Based
on my "critical thinking" even if Star found no
wrongdoing, Bill Clinton should still be impeached for
File/China Gate because I know the administration is

And no I do not accept your B.S. Clinton is not the
president dodge."

The end comment is because when Lynn is shown how the Clinton Administration
did the same or worst as the Bush Administration, she screams out "
Clinton is not the
president anymore". That and "Can't you
republicans get over Clinton".

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