Monday, November 28, 2016

2 Political Junkies: Dayvoe Lies.

In California, Jerry Brown gave illegal aliens driver's licenses, and at the same time the DMV registered the illegal aliens to vote. Democrats will do everything in their power to keep any voter data and the CA Illegal Alien ID/driver information from being used to prove/ disprove this.

Those documents like the ATF Fast and Furious, IRS targeting and NOAA climate documents are protected by the unwritten law of the Government Official Privacy Act.
2 Political Junkies: Trump Lies. (How Many Times Is This? How Many More Can We Expect?)

Dayvoe comment ban day 19

Update Media Matters gets the same talking point.
Trump Lies That Millions Voted Illegally, And Mainstream Outlets Uncritically Echo Him

Update2  Racists at True the Vote weight in.
True The Vote Supports Trump’s Claim on Illegal Voters
HOUSTON, TX. – November 27, 2016: True the Vote (TTV), the nation’s leading voters’ rights and election integrity organization, today released a statement with respect to President-Elect Donald Trump’s claim that “millions” of individuals illegally voted in the 2016 Election.
“True the Vote absolutely supports President-elect Trump’s recent comment about the impact of illegal voting, as reflected in the national popular vote. We are still collecting data and will be for several months, but our intent is to publish a comprehensive study on the significant impact of illegal voting in all of its many forms and begin a national discussion on how voters, states, and the Trump Administration can best address this growing problem.”

Friday, November 25, 2016

2 Political Junkies: Another Thanksgiving Tradition (Jerry Bowyer Revives His Thanksgiving Hoax)

No Doubt Dayvoe will cite historian Michael A. Bellesiles who was “the target of an infamous ‘swiftboating’ campaign by the National Rifle Association.” as authoritative.
2 Political Junkies: Another Thanksgiving Tradition (Jerry Bowyer Revives His Thanksgiving Hoax)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

2 Political Junkies: Dayvoe dishonest enough to compare Trump riots to Tea Party protess.

Media Matters level dishonestly
2 Political Junkies: Jack Kelly Sunday

The Tea party protests did not begin the next day after Obama's election.
The Tea Party got permits for parks and did not block traffic.

Remember Dayvoe how the Tea party burnt down Fort Wayne.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Links of the Week

Shameless Schumer Lies About Supreme Court Filibuster
Another Media Meme Destroyed: Trump’s Turnout Operation Was Groundbreaking
CNN Imagined Anti-Semitism in Trump Ad, Ignores Keith Ellison’s Anti-Semitic Statements
To the ‘Hillary Won the Popular Vote’ Fabulists (See Update)
Anti-Defamation League Backs Down: ‘We Are Not Aware of Any Anti-Semitic Statements from Bannon’Pitt’s School of Social Work encouraged students to attend an anti-Trump rally, and encouraged professors to offer extra credit for students who attend.
C&L Tarred By correctly added to Phony Fake News List
Boxer: We must end this Electoral College on which I relied to challenge the 2004 election
Prosecutors Can’t Rewrite The Law…For Now
Lying Will Get You Fired Much Faster Than Excessive Force
DOJ Smart Gun Specs are Telling
James Clapper Resigns
Van Jones: People ‘Terrified’ Of Trump, Muslim Woman Even Fears ‘Internment’
New Judicial Watch Release Of IRS Docs Shows Groups Targeted Based on ‘Party Affiliation’
The Southern Poverty Law Center HAS NO BUSINESS Attacking Stephen Bannon
New Judicial Watch Release Of IRS Docs Shows Groups Targeted Based on ‘Party Affiliation’
In Rare Win, Man Arrested On Bogus Drug Charges Gets Everything Back, Including $150,000 The Government Really Didn't Want To Give UpCourt Says Recording Of Public Interaction Involving Police Officer Not A 'Confidential Personnel Record'D.C. Police Versus Veteran With PTSD
Appeals Court To Cops: If You 'Don't Have Time' For 'Constitutional Bullshit,' You Don't Get Immunity

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Coward Dayvoe at 2 Political Junkies: Allows No Comments after Donald Trump victory

2 Political Junkies: The ACLU's Letter To Donald Trump
It is his blog. But I can call him out and ignore anything he says.

BTW Dayvoe Why did the forget Deny Due Process to US citizens on a secret government watchlist from their list of  un-American and wrong-headed proposals?

No comments because same standard for him.

For Dayvoe

Friday, November 04, 2016

Links of the Week

The Clinton Campaign Should Stop Denying That The Wikileaks Emails Are Valid; They Are And They're Real
Kurt Schlichter: Can Someone Tell Me Why People Belonging to a Party Which Purports to Stand for Individualism and Skepticism of Government Are Now Reflexively Preaching Faith in Government as the Default Mode of Any Good Citizen?
Derek Hunter: Why I, A Long-Time NeverTrumper, Now Feel Compelled to Vote For The Guy I Don't Like In the Least
“Jackie” throws Rolling Stone reporter under the bus during video deposition
Rolling Stone reporter: I stand by everything I wrote except for stuff from my main source
Picture Of The Day
ExxonMobil Climate 'Fraud' Investigation Follies Continue
The Facts About A Couple of Pending Lawsuits Against Donald Trump
Make Shutting Up Your First Instinct
Cop Talk: Why Police Officers Know That You Don’t Talk to Police
ExxonMobil Climate 'Fraud' Follies Update: Activist 'Conspirators' Don't Shred Your Documents
Press Ignores How Clinton Probes May Lead to Indictment, But Obsessed Over Rove a Decade Ago
Pro-Trump Pitt students assaulted AGAIN, receive death threats
Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Sorry, but the Accurate Legal Term Is ‘Illegal Alien’
Rolling Stone Can Take Their Defamation Statement And Shove It

Hero Cops
Ohio Sheriff Sued after Video She tried to Destroy Surfaces, Showing Deputy Pepper Spraying Restrained Woman
That Day Officer Julian Archuleta Forget to Turn Off His Body Cam
Chicago Police Torture Archive To Go Online In Early 2017