Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dayvoe spins and defends a Government witch hunt and silencing campaign against Climate Deniers.

fossil fuel companies misled investors and the public on the impact of climate change on their businesses.
No, Dayvoe you are trying to spin a Government witch hunt and silencing campaign.

Competitive Enterprise Institute is not a fossil fuel companies with investors.
The CEI Subpoena Cannot Stand
this is a frontal assault on the First Amendment. There is no gloss of feigned rationalization that can explain away why CEI’s right to think, to speak, to advocate, could conceivably be criminal, could conceivably be a legitimate target of a government subpoena.  And the government really doesn’t give a damn about its flagrantly unconstitutional purpose. ... The spin-blame is clear: disagree with Walker, not to mention the other 16 attorneys general, and they will come after you. Pollute people’s minds with ideas and information that challenges theirs and they will use the power of their offices to make your life miserable, to impose as great a burden on you as their powers allow. If you do not think as they do, you are dishonest.
Funny ungodly progressives believe that Government agencies have the absolute right to privacy. But a private nonprofit corporation does not the right to any privacy.

BTW, I have been told by the consensus that Venus is the example of what Earth will become with catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.
So this science is WRONG as Venus can not have a cold layer due to the greenhouse effect.
Strange Layer of Venus Surprisingly Cold

Friday, April 22, 2016

Links of the Week

Never gonna happen
Documents confirm Eric Holder’s role in Fast and Furious cover-up
Chaffetz: Holder participated in a coordinated effort to obstruct Congress on Fast & Furious
Never far from controversy
Exxon Strikes Back Against the Climate Witch Hunt
Bill Nye the Inquisition Guy
The Letter From Hell
New Documents PROVE Planned Parenthood illegally profited selling aborted baby parts!
Scorched Earth Defense Burns Government (This Time)
Can Andrew Miltenberg Bring An End To The DoE’s Rape Reign
CMP Vindicated? House Committee Documents Prove The Sale of Baby Parts

Hero Cops of the Week

Just As The Founders Intended, The Right To Rape Reasonably
Rape and Civility
The Standard in Aiken? Give Cop Rape A Break
Aiken, S.C., officials, newspaper react to story about roadside search
PA Cops Have Woman’s Rectum, Vagina Searched After Traffic Stop
Chicago PD Task Force: Structural & Procedural Flaws Make Real Accountability Nearly Impossible
Chicago’s Homeopathic Police Reform. And More Funding!
Chicago’s Police Accountability Task Force
Chicago’s Police Are Racist, Corrupt Says Report (and Everybody Else)
For Veterans, A Plea May Be The Best Option
North Carolina Deputy Justified in Killing Man Asking for Search Warrant
Blame Misconduct, Not Scrutiny, For Police Recruitment Problems
Georgia Police Refusing to Identify Enraged Cop in Viral Video as Family Describes Terrifying ExperienceLaw Enforcement Forced To Hand Over $41K It Seized From Businessman At Airport, Plus Another $10K In Legal Fees
Level Two Lies: Because The FBI Can’t Trust Prosecutors
Georgia Police Chief Believes Legitimate Journalism Should Protect Blue Wall of Silence (Opinion)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dayvoe defends Bill Nye the Fascist Guy

Target rich environment for the Fascist Guy Bill Nye
Fascist Non-Scientist, Bill Nye, Wants to Jail Climate Skeptic REAL Scientists
I'll bet progressives will excuse it with the "Edited Video" excuse.

He also has six honorary doctorate degrees, including Ph.D.s in science from Goucher College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
What are those are worth exactly?
"Bill Cosby has been awarded at least 57 honorary degrees since 1985. Nearly half of these honorary degrees have been rescinded due to allegations of sexual assault and/or immoral behavior"

Of course Nye in a debate would deflect these "Gotcha" questions.
A) Life scientist Bill Nye (who wrote the book on Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation) said "Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science."
So there were no advancements in life science before Darwin published "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"?
B) Please list the scientific advancements based on evolution, the big bang and string theories?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nice to see Popehat is now defending Melissa Click from a targeted witch hunt.

I've Got A Little List
Will he embrace the go-to Law Enforcement excuse for embarrassing videos "You need All the Facts and proper context before Judging" used by her?
Stop shaming me for what I did
... everyday people are subjected to the kinds of excoriation we have typically reserved for politicians and celebrities — those whose public and private actions, due to their vocations, are judged within the public sphere.
Melissa Click: What would our world be like if no one ever took a chance?
... increased surveillance resulting from advances in technology like digital recording and wireless broadband has come to mean that our mistakes will be widely broadcast — typically without context or rights of rebuttal — exposing us to unprecedented public scrutiny.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Links of the Week

Reddit's Warrant Canary On National Security Letters... Disappears
Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Charged With Battery Against Reporter
Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski charged with battery in Florida for grabbing Michelle FieldsFree advice for atheists who want people to like them and trust them more
Concrete proof that Politifact and are biased liars
Gang rape hoaxer “Jackie” refuses to testify; Attorney says it would “re-traumatize” her
Another Climate Scientist Calls B.S. On 97% Consensus Claim
Conservative Media Smear Merrick Garland: Benghazi Edition
Hero Cops
NC Sheriff's Lying Invalidates 100+ DWIs, Makes Roads Less Safe!
NYPD Officers Removed From Post for Arresting USPS Mailman Delivering Packages
9th Circuit Confirms Yet Again that Officers Can Lie to You
AL: A Long Legal Battle Over Prosecutorial Misconduct by the AL Attorney General’s Office Results in the Dismissal of Murder Charges Against George Martin
David French On Policing Tactics In Chicago

2 Political Junkies: April Fools Day!

In response to 2 Political Junkies: April Fools Day!  , we'd like to offer these APRIL FOOL'S DAY jokes:

  1. The Duke Lacrosse and UVA rapes occurred and were covered up by smears, victim blaming and victim shaming.
  2. The 60 minutes Bush TANG memos are genuine and accurate as is the movie Truth about them.
  3. Police unions and Law Enforcement Bill of rights police insure honesty, integrity, ethics, and accountability of the Police. They do not grant more "Rights" to the Police.
  4. The Patriot act has prevented many terrorist attacks.  
  5. The US Government does not engage in mass surveillance of US citizens.
  6. Police never lie, commit or coverup Misconduct or Perjury.
  7. Ted Stevens is Guilty.
  8. The government never engages in concealment of evidence.
  9. The DOJ/ATF never walked guns to Mexico.  And any guns walked were done by the
    rouge ATF whistle blowers. No one in charge knew anything about the Fast
    and Furious gun-walking.
  10. The Benghazi attacks were caused by a YouTube Video.
  11. 'Not even a smidgen of corruption' at the IRS. There was never any targeting
    of Tea party groups.  Any targeting to be found was done by rogue
    agents in Ohio.
  12. Hilary Clinton dodged sniper fire in Kosovo.
  13. Davyoe is a independent moderate.