Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Links of the Day Heavy Backlog

An accomplishment of sorts
Ezra Klein's Weak Defense Of Oba-Care
Strip Searching a 13 Year Old Girl
Please Explain This To Me
‘Jena 6? Get Wrist Slaps For Hate Crime
Bucknell President Announces Resignation Amid Censorship Scandal
Oh, Now the SEIU is FOR ‘Anti-Union Tactics’?
The rank dishonesty of the Obama administration
All violence is equal, but some violence is more equal than others
GOP weekly address nukes the stimulus: “Where are the jobs?”
I Guess It All Depends On One's Definition of "Guaranteed
BREITBART: Rise and fall of Perez Hilton
Dash cam proves Maryland cop to be a boldface liar
You can always count on Emily Bazelon to be both boring and revealing at the same time.
Spitzer-Take on Sanford
'It takes small people to stoop this low'
The new Duke rape case
Persistent Myths in Feminist Scholarship
"Pedophiles Aren't Gay"
King County deputy who beat girl could face federal charges
CA Dem leader: Why do we allow free speech to terrorize politicians?
As If McCain And Crew Didn't Do Enough Damage Already
Mailvox: is marriage worth it?
2012 Campaign Has Started
John McCain's People Can Not Stop Trashing Sarah Palin; Kristol Identifies Steve Schmidt
If Andrew Sullivan is not stupid . . .
Despicable: Huffington Post Equates Iran Neda Murderers to Israel
Welcome To One-Party Rule

Links of the Day Climate Change Edition

Denying the Climacaust
The collapse of "scientific" consensus
EPA Scientist Drops A Bomb On Warming
EPA Blocked Global Warming Report
A War on Science?
EPA Quashed Report Skeptical of Global Warming
Paul Krugman – Climate Expert (UPDATE – Krugman Calls Deniers “Traitors”)
Krugman Does Our Work For Us 
Suppressed NASA Memos Show Climate Change Dispute
'He Came Out With the Truth. They Don't Want the Truth at the EPA'

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some Jokes for John Mcintire

John Mcintire puts Dave Letterman's Balls in his mouth and sucks mightily with gusto.
Will now lobby more for Gay Marriage in PA to marry Mr Letterman.

Michelle Obama remembers Barrack Obama saying he would love to snort coke off of Carla Bruni's butt.


I suspect John M will not buy the "It's a joke. That's all it's suppose to be, That's what this is" defense.

Links of the Day

Reasoned discourse in 3, 2, 1...?
Response from the Gungrabber
An Explanation For The Deletion
David Letterman, Cad
Pot, Meet Kettle
New York Democracy + Chicago Rules... Hijinks Ensue
With Friends Like Ezra Klein ...
Quote of the Day China and “anthropogenic global warming”
Rev. Wright: 'Them Jews Aren't Going to Let Him Talk to Me'
Prepare To Be Smeared
Obama Admin Argues That It’s Above the Law
Since when has the left been “outraged” over attempts by politicos to “undermine” the US?
“To hear that a judge who put procedure over innocence could be moving to a higher court is very upsetting to me.”
So, My Leftist Friends, Rape Jokes are In Play Now?
James von Brunn: Christian-Hating Socialist
Oil Prices Surge, Media Yawns
Re: Yglesias Making Sense
Shriveled Up Old "Comic": Yeah, I Made A Joke About Palin's Kid And It Was In "Poor Taste"
How Soon They Forget (If They Ever Knew)
Gay is the new cat
Museum Shooting Brings Out Worst in Gun Grabbers
One Lone Nut Making a Whole Movement Look Bad
Holocaust Museum shooter von Brunn a 9/11 'truther' who hated 'neo-cons', Bush, McCain
Obama: We Need To Control Private Sector Pay
Weekly Standard may have been shooter target
Holocaust Museum killer von Brunn hated Christians, linked to William F. Buckley foes
David Letterman's Stupid Blame-Dodging Tricks
The Political Uses of the Holocaust Museum Shooter
John Cole pretends that progressives were not comparing the Holocaust Museum Shooter to mainstream Conservatives.