Saturday, February 03, 2007

Links of the Day

Oh, the Hysteria!
Another Pandora's Box On Political Speech
Fairness demands she be named
Political Science
Do the guys at Crooks and Liars know they associate with and quote the gay bashing bigot and homophobe Larry Johnson?
Tuesday Night Love from Larry
Good News From Iraq
Did You Know We’re Doomed In Ten Years?
What 2004 Taught the Left
Hurriya: The AP non-corrects again
There Are Two Americas; John Edwards' New House Takes Up Almost All of One Of Them
A hearty F*** You to William Arkin
How dare they complain!?
Changing Opinions
The Early Press Reports - John Edwards campaign hires queen bitch Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon
The Virtues of Gratitude
You know, he’s right
Arkin responds
Global Warming Nonsensical Non-science
Free Inquiry? Not on Campus
William Arkin responds, misquotes me and further insults the troops
Dem San Fran mayor has sexual affair with aide
Terry McAuliffe: Not A Knight Of Malta
Accepted Wisdom™ on Jamil Hussein
Famous plagiarist dies
Appropriate Responses
The First Church of Fundamentalist Climate Change
Edwards Hires Hoax Apologist to Run Campaign Blog
More Global Warming Fear Mongering
The Third Rail Of Global Warming
"Official" Equals "Classified?
Once More
Global Warming Scaremongering Is Back
The Edwards-Marcotte Fiasco
For the last two weeks the weather in Pittsburgh has been typical for January
Meet John Edwards's new blogger-in-chief
More on Marcotte
Spitting on Veterans
Climate Change: the Dash for Cash
Resolving The Spitting Debate

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