Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Links of the Week

Kossacks blast Michelle’s criticism of the chocolate Jesus double standard
The UN Hid North Korean Counterfeits
Jonah Goldberg on Rosie O'Donnell
Right Thinking
Blame America
Hey Gitmo Haters, Where’s The Outrage?
Morons Triumphant!
300 Passes 300 Million Global; Shooter Disappoints
Someone we might want to listen too
Rosie Uses Her Blog to Reframe Her Controversial 9/11 Theories
Has Anyone Seen This Before? Algore Bans All Reporters From His "Speeches"
A Couple Of Things About Abortion
"Unsubstantiated" Swift Boat Allegations Rise Again in the New York Times
NRA Licences Criminals
Leftist hate: Gore fans abuse, threaten Gore foes
The Tolerance of the Left
ABC NEWS Smears Swift Boat Veterans for Truth with Slanderous News Article
Washington Post gives 1700+ words to 10-Year Old Disputing History
Gorgeous scarves and shabby suits.
Global Warming Science-Politicians Vs. Diplomat-Politicians
British Detainees Give Details Of Their Iranian Ordeal
Polar Bear Liars Exposed
Kim The Problem
Bras = Headscarves
Hypocrisy at the New York Times - who could imagine such a thing?
Teresa Heinz Kerry defends Pelosi by playing the “woman card”
Liberal “Tolerance”
Murphy Predicts Riots in the Streets
300 Versus Grindhouse: Bipolar Reviews Accurately Predicted
Belle Waring goes off on the silly "In your face!" gotcha style of the right
Carbon Markets, Carbon Taxes, and why neither matter
Don Imus to Retire and Move to Hymietown
Olbypocrisy Confirmed: By Olby!
One more slide Al Gore can't show

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