Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Links of the Week

Driving all over the place in a bus to tell people to stop global warming.
The Times: No Harm, No Foul
An Inconvenient Nuisance
Beware of the uninformed in the growing gun debate
Rove versus Crow and David
Why ask why?
A conversation with Imam Fouad ElBayly
Video: O’Reilly names those who recycle Media Matters’ garbage
What Byron Calame Should Have Written
MSNBC Fails to Identify "Expert" in VA Tech Story
Would These Liberal Shits Feel That Way About Cho?
White lies and the left
Study: Blame the Patriarchy for Your Individual Choices!
Legal concealed carry weapon saves man’s life
A Shredding
Video: O’Reilly catches Bill Moyers telling whoppers, Michelle comments
Truthtelling in Durham
Big: Harvard Report Authored By Liberal Marvin Kalb Skewers Media's "Partnering" With Terrorists In Israel-Hezballah War
Wiley & Sons: When "fair use" equals "no use"
Fascist America in 10 easy steps
Anonymous VT Massacre Investigator(s) Caught Misleading Media
Mark Levin vs N.Y. Times Reporter: 'My Comments Didn't Fit His Scenario'
Still mugging Duke students
Wizbang's Great Michelle Malkin Midnight Massacre
Not To Be Trusted
Haditha Bombshell - Intel Evidence
“A Hollywood Conservative Comes Clean”
Media Lynch Mob
Memorial for Cho
Confirmed: Va Tech Shooter Used Standard Magazines
Video: Carolyn McCarthy doesn’t understand her own gun-control legislation
Two Cops Who Killed Kathryn Johnston Plead Guilty — to Manslaughter
A gun-banner’s wet dream
An Interview With The Haditha Defense Team
Tenet and the truth
For the "Truthers", a demonstration
Ledeen Responds To Tenet
Kathryn Johnston Timeline
It ain't worth the paper it ain't printed on
The Tenet Critique
A Reply To Right Wing Nuthouse
“No Media” Gore strikes again
Bill Frist is exonerated
The Astonishing Wendy Murphy
"Baghdad Jim" Owned by Rep. John Boehner
In 'Newsweek,' Eleanor Clift Applied Recycled Gun Ban Myths to Virginia Tech Shooting

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