Friday, January 29, 2010

Links of the Day

Statement from James O'Keefe
Tit for Tat
On MSNBC, Andrew Breitbart: One. David Shuster: Less Than Zero
ATF agent expected to say that investigators got wiretaps illegally
Jonah Goldberg on Olbermann
The Feminists vs. Tebow
Media Matters Lies Again, This Time About Obama Intimidating Supreme Court
Challenge to Obama - Request Special Counsel As To Foreign Contributions

Chris Hayes lies on the 01-28-10 Countdown when he claimed that James O'Keefe did not release a video from the Philadelphia ACORN Office.

HAYES: Oh, that‘s absolutely right. And that‘s actually what‘s so frustrating. It‘s what‘s so frustrating about that first round with ACORN. You know, there were tapes that were made in the first round when they were going to those ACORN offices, including one in Philadelphia in which the ACORN office called the police and said, “We want to get rid of these people,” and, of course, those tapes were never released.

And to me, that shows that what they‘re doing is not journalism, because you have—if there‘s any baseline sense of integrity, right, you have to show that the same organization that you‘re smearing actually did the right thing in this case.

Turns out he did and ACORN lied about what they did in the Philadelphia Office

Caught on Tape! Media Matters Totally PWNED - Truth Deficit for ACORN's Katherine Conway Russell!

The video was released on October 21 2009.
3 Months before Chris Hayes lied about it.
Breitbart, ACORN Foes Release Strange Video of Philadelphia Sting

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