Thursday, May 06, 2010

Links of the Day

Please let this narrative take hold in the media/nutroots.

Democrats on Track to Increase Congressional Majority: Sean Hannity on Suicide Watch

It will make the rage over a 2010 GOP Election victory greater than 1994. Of course the author does not let facts get in his way.

About the only hope the GOP has of overtaking Congress is a terrorist attack. Terrorist attack? Oh yeah. One was just foiled in Times Square
The Times Square time bomb went off and was defective. Nothing the Obama regime did beforehand "foiled" it.

TWS Obtains Top Justice Department Official's Recusal Document
The ‘Hutaree Militia’ Case Starts To Unravel — On First Amendment Grounds
The Leftist Reality Disconnect
Beyond Schadenfreude: What George Will’s Crucifixion of Bill Maher Really Means
Hypocrites Bash Arizona Law
Olbermann's Absurd Defense Of Banning Dissenting Voices From Show
Today  Slanders the Lacrosse Players
CoC and dKos: a look at the progressive caste system.
Linda Lingle rewrites history on Obama certificate issue; breaks the law?

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