Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Links of the Day

Jurors question deputies' testimony
Cell Phone Video Contradicts Police, Leads to Acquittal
Your Right To Record
Lynn Blanchard outlines the police misconduct in the Brad Cooper case
The New Professionalism
Illinois Judge Dismisses Charges Against Michael Allison
Illinois Judge Tosses Out Wiretapping Case, Declaring It Unconstitutional
To Serve and Protect — the State by Wendy McElroy
One of the Fullerton Cops Who Beat Kelly Thomas Into a Coma Had a History of Violence
New Jersey Cop Attacked Woman Who Filmed Him at DWI Checkpoint
Mother, May I Sleep With Knee-Jerk Ideological Orthodoxy?
Posner Ridicules Right of Citizens To Film Police in Seventh Circuit Oral Argument
Judge Posner's Mind
Judge Posner Fears 'Snooping Around by Reporters and Bloggers' If People Are Allowed to Record the Police
Obama: “It’s not class warfare. It’s math”.
Spin, spin, spin…
Crooks & Liars: Tea Party Isn’t Real
Media’s day of reckoning over Obama long overdue
As if it were toxic: Media ignore exculpatory Jefferson-paternity study
Ahhh, the smell of the Clinton Administration in the AM
Nobel Physicist Quits Global Warming Group
Viral Video Of Ranting Union Worker Leads To His Arrest
The “Warren Buffet Tax “? The premise is false
Fact Check: Buffet Doesn't Really Pay Less in Taxes Than His Secretary
AP fact check: Secretaries don’t pay more taxes than their bosses

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