Monday, November 28, 2011

Links of the Day

Thomas Edsall In the NYT: Obama Will Explicitly Abandon Working Class White Vote FoxNews: Edsall Says Obama Will Abandon Working Class White Vote Dave Wiegel: Look How Racist Fox Is
Barney Frank Retiring, Flashback – Barney Says There is No Housing Bubble in 2006
After Request for Refund, City of Richmond Announces Audit of Tea Party Group
The Real Reason to Miss Barney Frank
Gag Order Silences Parents of Boy Charged With Sexual Assault for Playing Doctor
Family Sues Wisconsin Prosecutor After She Charges 6-Year-Old Boy With First-Degree Sexual Assault After “Playing Doctor’
DA to 6-Year-Old: Because I Can
It is “global warming week” and the press will be full of it
Rep. Maloney Lies about Fast and Furious
Family of Marine Gunned Down by SWAT Team Still Searches for Answers and Justice
Climategate 2.0 and the left’s misunderstanding of scientific method
Shocker: Anthropogenic Global Warming Disaster A Scam!
More Leaked ClimateGate Emails Suggest Politics Reigned In "Science"
State's Rights
Mediate's Tommy Christopher Beclowns Himself, Chapter MCMXCVI:
How did Sen. Feinstein get ATF gun trace data in violation of Tiahrt Amendment?
Some Further Thoughts On Judge Sullivan's Order
The persecution of Ted Stevens
NYT Says New Climate E-Mails Are A Crime
Voting Rights Advocate Held At Gunpoint By SWAT Team With No Warrant
An Open Letter to Dr. Phil Jones of the UEA CRU
D.C. police stop videographer at crime scene, against policy

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