Friday, March 21, 2014

Links of the Week

Thom Hartmann Unearths Long-Discredited October Surprise Crackpottery
One Unjustified Arrest, One Permanent File, and One Corrupt Sheriff: The Ordeal of Mark Patterson
Politico’s Byers Wants to Dictate Conditions For Criticizing Obama’s Foreign Policy
“Most transparant” White House ever rewrote FOIA to exclude its docs
Nevada deputy who took $50,000 from a man ordered to return it
Kansas ‘retaliation’ bill would allow police to arrest people who complain about officers
Steyn discovers the ‘essence of Mann’: Eau de weasel
LAW/POLITICS: Court: Planned Parenthood Violated Fourth Amendment in Home Raid
Victory For Scott Olsen
Feminist Studies Professor Who Accosted Pro-Life Students Charged With Assault
Feminist prof now claims ‘MORAL RIGHT’ to attack 16-year-old abortion foe, destroy sign
UCSB Police Department Releases Report on Professor Mireille Miller-Young
Professor Who Assaulted Pro-Life Protester to Take Her Sign Pleads Novel Defense: She Was Psychologically "Triggered" By Thoughts and Images She Didn't Agree With Politically
Darryl Howard and the rampaging prosecutor: Durham learns little from Duke lacrosse debacle
Comments on the Balko Article
Democrat Attorney General Shuts Down Corruption Investigation After Catching Democrats Accepting Cash Bribes, Because Racism
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane lawyers up
Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane (D) threatens to sue newspaper for committing… journalism.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Shifts Blame for Botched Bribery Investigation to Previous Administration, Lawyers Up For Possible Lawsuit Against Newspaper

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