Friday, September 18, 2015

Links of the Week

‘Suck My D*ck': Doritos Aligns with Anti-Christian Bully Dan Savage
Leading GamerGate Critic Sarah Nyberg Claimed To Be A Pedophile, Apologised For White Nationalism
An Open Letter To NYPD Union President Patrick J. Lynch
The Slowjetting of George W. Bush
The long awaited Martin O’Malley gun control plan is released, with a national gun registry
Kathleen Willey Not a Big Hillary Fan: “She’s a lying pig … I hope she rots in hell“
Chicago Prosecutor Fired After Videotape Contradicts His Sworn Testimony On Witness Statement
Yvette Smith’s Murder Should Be News But It’s Not
An Open Letter To NYPD Union President Pat Lynch
Civilian Complaint Board Finds The Public And Their Cell Phones Are Foisting Some Accountability On The NYPD
Fire James Frascatore
Feminist Hate Monger Jessica Valenti’s NDSU Event Will Likely Expose A Free Speech Double Standard
The Solution of Firing James Frascatore
When Public Relations Fails
James Blake and His Evil Innocent Twin
Toomey Backs off Gun Control   
The main reason the Left will not accept Mr. Toot
Marty O’Malley promises what he can’t deliver
NYPD Union Prez Patrick Lynch: Only Police Are Qualified To Judge The Actions Of Police
Federal Court Finally Says That Gag Order On 11-Year-Old National Security Letter Should Be Lifted Already
GLOBAL WARMING STOPPED in 1998? NO it didn't. If you say that, you're going to PRISON
Who’s Really Lying About The Planned Parenthood Videos? Carly Fiorina Or The Factcheckers?

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