Friday, January 08, 2016

Links of the Week

President Obama’s Flawed Constitutional Law Lecture
Obama Squirts a Few and Then Lies About Not Wanting to Take Your Guns Away
The WaPo Fact Checker checks "What Benghazi family members say Hillary Clinton said about the video" and comes up empty.
Univision’s Mexican-born Jorge Ramos denounces U.S.-born Republicans Ted Cruz AND Marco Rubio for “betrayal!”
Black Men and Cops: Why Race Matters…
Judge Helps Ensure That The More Ignorant Law Enforcement Officers Are, The More They'll Be Able To Get Away Withlaw-enforcement-officers-are-more-theyll-be-able-to-get-away-with.shtml
Obama: Hey, forget what I said about Australia (twice) — no one’s looking to take away your guns!
Filming the police (at a safe distance) is not a crime
Stunner: NRA Won’t Participate in CNN’s Anti-Gun Obama Infomercial
Terrorist Ranchers!!
When Prosecutors Have “The Innate Intellect Of A Fifth-Grader”
President Obama And The Rhetoric Of Rights
Tea and Unaccountability: Bureaucracy and the Drug War
Jessica Valenti Calls For Jailing of Critics Of War And The Draft
Cop Who Arrested Sandra Bland Is Indicted for Perjury
Chicago Provides Yet Another Reminder Police and City Lawyers Are Accomplices in Avoiding Accountability
LA Renters Rat Out Airbnb Users, Get Evicted Instead
Corp Counsel Steps in Shit
The Price Of Mistrust
When Rape Is Done By Muslim Refugees It's the fault of the victims.
Sandra Bland’s Death Will Not Be Vindicated
Chicago PD Threatened Laquan McDonald Witnesses; Fabricated Statements

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