Friday, February 26, 2016

Links of the Week

Climate Models Botch Another Prediction: Sea Levels Aren't Rising as Predicted; "Thirsty Continents" Which Suck Up More Excess Water Than Imagined are to Blame
The Roosh Rape Hoax (Should He Sue?)
S. Jane Gari Publishes Fake Rape Allegation Against Me, Prompting Legal Action
Hate Is Not An Excuse For RooshV False Rape Claim
Legal Update: Stephanie Jane Gari Hires Attorney From South Carolina
The Arrest of An Activist, Avi Adelman
Jamie Newman bitterly resigns from Purdue after being called out on rape threats.
IRS Agrees to Apply New Forfeiture Standards to Old Case, Give Back Convenience Store Owner's Life Savings
Take Pity on Officer "Safe Space"
Fact Check Site “Politifact” Fails to Get It, Again   
Report Exposes EPA’s ‘Pattern of Deception’ in Colorado Mine Spill
Documents Show Chicago Cops Routinely Disabling Recording Equipment
IAS BY OMISSION: Networks Hyped Perry Indictment in 2014; Silent on Dismissal.
Biden in 1992: Without Advance Consultation AND Agreement on Judicial Philosophy, I’ll Block ANY Supreme Court NomineeMan Interrogated for Hours in Police Ambush Now Files Lawsuit
Audio: Chuck Schumer has no idea how to spin what Biden said about blocking election-year SCOTUS nomineesSchumer barefaces on Supreme Court picks.
Cross: Mike Cernovich, The 800 lb. Gorilla Lawyer
Biedma v. Clark, Or A Story Of How Police Cover-Ups Go
Pennsylvania Senate Watch: Kathy McGinty, ‘Green’ Energy Crony Capitalist.
What John Oliver Got Wrong About Abortion Laws
Literally Wu proves SJWAL
Democrat Hypocrisy On Supreme Court Appointments
Quote of the day, hypocritical lowlife edition
Mizzou prof: You’re missing all the good I’ve done
Mizzou Fires Melissa Click, Oppressor of Student Journalist
Melissa Click Claimed She was in Fear for Her Life, Thinking Student Journalist had Gun, Which is Why She Assaulted Him
Rotherham gang sentenced to 102 years in prison for abusing young girls
Judge Kearney’s Blurry Picture of First Amendment Rights
Court: No First Amendment right to videorecord police unless you are challenging the police at the time
The War on Cameras Just Went Code Red
Federal Court: First Amendment Does Not Generally Protect Public Filming Of Police In Public
Rookie Federal Judge in Pennsylvania Rules Citizens Do Not Have First Amendment Right to Record Police
Cop Who Arrested PINAC’s Philip Turner Charged
Galveston Sgt. Archie Chapman Indicted
Award-Winning Texas Cop Indicted for Unlawfully Searching PINAC Correspondent’s Car While He Was Incarcerated for Recording
Galveston police officer indicted for searching car of photography rights activist

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