Friday, March 18, 2016

Links of the Week

NRA, NYT agree: Garland will produce most liberal Supreme Court in decades
False Confessions? There’s No Excuse For Unrecorded Interrogations In 2016
John Lott demolishes gun study in The Lancet
America’s Two Worst Prosecutors Lose Primary Elections in Chicago and Cleveland
The Big Buttinski
Technical Difficulties: Please Do Not Stand By…The Constitution
Obama SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland " a moderate in the sense that he approves of government invasions that come from the left and the right"John Kasich on guns
Obama’s Scalia Replacement   
Brandon Howard Victory Against Hopewell Police
Cops Charged after Breaking into Pot Shop, Stealing & Eating Edibles, Destroying Property
Santa Ana Officers Charged with Misdemeanor Munchies
Re: Merrick Garland, it’s a bit late for the Obama administration and its supporters to appeal to constitutional norms requiring Senate consideration
The erroneous argument the Senate has a ‘constitutional duty’ to consider a Supreme Court nominee
WaPo: Three Pinocchios for declaring Senate’s “constitutional duty” to vote on Garland
Mizzou Muscle Prof: We want people to take chances, don’t we?
OMG: Committed Justice Warrior and Summoner of "Muscle" Melissa Click Now Declares That Public Shaming is Bad, Coincidentally At the Same Time She Herself is Being Shamed
10 Years Later: Lessons Lost From The Duke Lacrosse Case
Jack Montague, free speech and the rush to judgment
Judge Orders White House To Stop Hiding Its Bogus Global Warming ‘Proof’
Richard Dawkins, philosophical incompetent

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