Monday, October 31, 2016

Dayvoe posts Bullshit hack narrative that Trump being charged with RICO and Child Rape"

2 Political Junkies: And Now A Word From Salman Rushdie And Joss Whedon

"Trump will go on trial in November accused of racketeering, and again in December accused of child rape."
Dayvoe lies debunked at

The Facts About A Couple of Pending Lawsuits Against Donald Trump

 Update: civil Child rape "trial" or completely routine early status conference that has the accuser and her witness affidavits using pseudonyms has been dismissed.

@LisaBloom Jane Doe instructed us to dismiss her lawsuit against Trump and Epstein today. Tough week for her. We wish her well.

The case was so strong and airtight against Trump that "the plaintiff has even *attempted* to serve any complaint on any defendant."

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