Saturday, March 17, 2007

Links of the Week

"Prof pays price for causing offense: Sensitivities take precedence over truth and academic freedom."
Texas Justice: Is There Something Wrong in Allen?
Quote of the day
Wade Sanders, Historian
Religion of Beheading
Nifong Auditions For America's Dumbest Criminals
Scientific Free Speech Is Dead - Part II
Quote Of The Day
The Whole Scam
Manufacturing Dissent: Michael Moore Gets the Michael Moore Treatment
300 Shocker
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up
Logic Problems at Salon
Son of Oil-for-Food
Who Cares If Gore Is Not Accurate!
Atrios and projection
Quote Of The Day
Why Is There Any Debate About The Death Penalty For This Animal?
Careful with that sperm...
Bush Derangement Syndrome: Case Number 368,902
CREW Wants A "Special Prosecutor"
The Purge at CAIR Press Conferences
The relative ungodliness of Hollywood
State Control
Finally: Abortion e-cards now available
NYT: Charges of Terrorist Sympathies and Collusion for CAIR 'Unsubstantiated.' You Know, Just Like the Swift Boat Vets' Claims.
Lefty “Thought Leader” Speaks Truthiness To Power!
Terry McAuliffe: Chavez is Bush’s fault
Gandi's Way Isn't the American Way
This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Left-Wing Feminism.
Live Green Or Die
New Book Sure to Cause Problems with Hillary's Campaign
Plame: Recklessly Abused!
Plame On!
Shock: Duke Rape Hoaxer Giving Prosecutors "Incomplete" Answers About Key Allegations
The Liar's Wife
The Duke Lacrosse Case: When “Victim’s Advocates” Go Too Far
His Silence Was Thunderous
Guatemalans are Hypocrites
When And Why Joseph C Wilson IV Outed Valerie Plame
The Uncooperative Accuser
Hoax-tress Exercising Her Fifth Amendment Rights? Or not...

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Psycheout said...

I've noticed that you link to stories about Edwards and Clinton but nothing
about the GOP race for 2008. Are you not following it?