Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Links of the Week

Bloomberg Pushes Pelosi on Gun Control
Brit Hume: Plame Something Less Than Truthful While Testifying Before Congress
The public's "right to know"
Eric Alterman: The Idiot's One-Trick Pony
Al Gore Challenged to International Global Warming Debate
The Bar's Devastating Response to Nifong
Climate scientist sees cover-up
Right to resist
Talking Past Each Other
Saul Cornell, AGAIN.or: "A Fisker's Work is Never Done"
Hollywood: Where The Details Don't Always Add Up
NASA Shocker: Climate change might be caused by the Sun
Is Gore Buying Rules Offsets, Too?
Shields responds - weakly - to criticism of "political profiling" study
Quote Of The Day
Al Gore Likens Himself to 300 Spartan
Moderate Muslim leader says he'll defend passengers sued by flying imams
To Face Your Actions, To Face Life
Anti-Iraq war street theater a retread
Open thread: Goracle on Capitol Hill to talk about the weather; Update: Heart-ache - Gore refuses Inhofe's energy ethics pledge
Novak - Hayden Won't Say If Plame Is "Covert" Under IIPA
LA Times Writer Eludes Truth On Planned Parenthood Founder
Setrakian Stands By Claim, Accuser Not Cooperating
Opportunity Lost
Hitchens On Valerie, Joe, and Patrick Fitzgerald
Feminism's decline
NYT's "Troops Not Prepared for Crisis!" story is bogus.
How To Tell If A Global Warming Activist Is Sincere
EXPLAINING THE LAW at The Belmont Club:
Name, Rank and Serial Number
New York Times Gets It Wrong…Again
Men of the Cloth
The Great Unraveler Strikes Again
Lesbian Asks Court To Ban Gay Adoptions
Today's Idiot
Tit For Tat
NY Times Sports Columnist Slurs Innocent Duke Lacrosse Players, Again
Liar, Liar, Skirt On Fire?
It's Amazing What People Will Say When Their Comments Are Anonymous
Truth(iness) and Consequences

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