Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Links of the Day

Teachers Unions Gone Wild: The Director’s Commentary (Part 2)
Ted Rall Book Excerpt: Let’s Kill Some Christians and Tea Partiers
Ken’s Law
Howard Kurtz: MSNBC Policy Is Related to Fox News or Something
Derisive Comment Of The Month
The Oversight Begins: CEI Suing NASA Over its Own ClimateGate
Shocker: John Kerry Still Hasn't Paid His Luxury Yacht Tax
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Why No Accountability? Part II
Beinhart's Revisionism
Progressives for State-Sanctioned Corporate Monopoly
Talk about the Facts with Bill Clinton

Oh, Sgt. Bill Palmer, You Didn't
Joel Rosenberg gets protected and served
An Open Letter to Sergeant William Palmer, MPD

No, You Pretty Clearly Run a Political Operation Too
FHWiR: The Phony 'Journalism' of Rachel Maddow
Media Matters Makes Maddow Look Like a Fool
Rachel Maddow Blows a Vessel, Claims MSNBC is Real 'News Operation'
Rachel Maddow Defends MSNBC’s Imaginary Credibility
On Olberman Suspension: Rachel Maddow Tries Fox Derangement Syndrome

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