Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Links of the Day

Bring On the Contrarians
A liberal champion of free speech
CREW linked to Democratic moneybags.
Jumping on the Witch Hunt gravy train…
Seattle Police Department’s Problems With Video Isn’t a Recent Phenomenon
The unholy alliance of a false accuser, a local TV station, and the local police that almost destroyed two NFL players
On Freeman Dyson and his views on AGW
Another Textbook Example...Social Security trust funds
NPR finally admits the Social Security trust fund is a fiction
Palin’s Publisher Sues Gawker Over Book Excerpts
Sarah Palin wins! Judge orders Gawker to remove leaked excerpts of her new book
Snark Fail: Gawker Mocks Sarah Palin for Her Supposedly Stupid, Yet Ultimately Correct Legal Position
TSA Threatens Fines and Arrests for Those Who Refuse a Scan or Pat-down
Liberty and False Comparisons
The Left’s new narrative?
Steve Benen Finds the Shooter on the Grassy Knoll
Cult High Priest: uhh, sorry folks, but it was a politically-motivated scam
New York Times Co. v. Sullivan: My Love Letter To The United States Supreme Court, And The First Amendment
Alex Pareene: Expert on Hackdom
On Wanting to Debate
So…I Got Detained By The TSA At The Airport Today
Sauce for the Goose, Airline Style

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