Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Links of the Day

Purdue Student Journalist Takes Defiant Stand Against Cop
Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
Update in Northern Virginia: Police Agencies Still Secretive, Newspaper Editor Still Okay With That, Plus a Disturbing Police Visit to the Former Residence of a "Reason Institute" Writer
Allen Chiu, Unethical Prosecutor, Forced to Dismiss XBox Modding Case After Revelation of Numerous Ethical Violations
Feds Tracking Your Credit Card Use Without Search Warrants
Motorhome Diaries Crew Recover Deleted Video of Police Encounter
Meet WikiLeaks' Likely First Victim
Projection Anonymous
Dumbest Website on the Internet Media Matters Thinks Tonight Show Spoof Video Was Created By FOX News
Quote of the day—Police First Sergeant Colisle
Dahlia Lithwick Endorses Originalist Vision of Federalism, Er, Not Really
Lithwick’s History
Fun with Stun
C’mon Feel the Hate
David Frum, Speech Policeman
Obama caves on tax cuts, liberals howl
Civil Rights, Judicial Bias Surround Texas Drug Case
Olbermann, Assange, and the Holocaust Denier
Ex-Acorn Chief rants about Fox News & necrophilia
The War on Cameras
In tax defeat, Dems pay the price for old tricks

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