Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Links of the Day

Fox News Watchers Misinformed?
Amanda Marcotte, Digby, and TBogg Nominated for 'Moore Award' at Daily Dish
Sady Doyle Bleats Non-Apologies After Getting Moe Tkacik Fired for Speaking Truth to Feminist Hypocrisy
Union Visits Private Home To Intimidate, Local Media Calls It “Caroling”
PolitiFact’s lie of the day
Kook Global Warmer James Hansen: ClimateGate was a 'Viscous' Hoax by Professional Swiftboaters
Shameful: Bloomberg and His Hacks Rigged Ground Zero Mosque Approval
The Bizarre "Birther" Intellectual Dance
"a discussion with the likes of Brad DeLong is not productive"
Just a Bunch of Man-Originated-In-Africa Deniers
Is Gitmo really a jihadist recruiting tool?
Bush Memoir Sells Nearly As Much In A Month As Clinton’s Sold In A Year


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