Friday, December 04, 2015

Links of the Week

NYT Editorial: Rahm Emmanuel's Delay of the Real Facts of the McDonald Shooting Was a Cover-Up to Guarantee His Safe Re-Election
The perils of being a mouthpiece
Scope Of FBI Data Collection Revealed For First Time After Gag Order Removed
Chicago PD Delete 87 Minutes of Burger King Surveillance Video
Burger King Confirms Chicago Police Deleted Video Of McDonald Shooting
Dear Conservatives: This Is Why We Hate All Your Civil Rights Restrictions in the Name of Fighting Terror
Police Officer Threatens to Arrest American for Calling Politician a “Liar”
Obama in Paris: Mass shootings just don’t happen outside the United States
The Four C’s
“Mass Shootings” & “Common Sense Gun Control”
Shameless Police Culture & The PBA Card
Laquan McDonald: Murder and the Power of Video
Will the Democrats shut down the government to get gun control?
Politico Whitesplains Woodrow Wilson.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Fires Police Chief Even Though Mayor Was Part of Police Shooting Coverup
NYPD Cops Return to Restaurant to Delete Video After Making Aggressive Arrests
Fullerton Agrees to $4.9 Million Settlement in Kelly Thomas Wrongful Death Suit
The media, the left, their politicians and the truth about gun violence
Officer Friendly is Dead
One Year After Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Debacle, Fabulists Still Fool the Media
Have There Really Been 355 ‘Mass Shootings’ This Year? Only If You’re Relying On Bad Data
Joseph McCarthy was right
The terror database and gun rights
The Video That Ate Chicago
When Rights Become “Incidental” To Death
Pat Toomey Goes for More Gun Control
Quote of the Day: Definition of Mass Shooting
“Mass Shootings Don’t Happen in Other Countries” Says POTUS… in Paris
‘Incredibly Ironic’: IRS Complaint Filed Against Professor Who Urged Feds to Use RICO Laws to Go After Global Warming Skeptics
Guns And The Terrorist “Loophole”
Legal Concealed Carrier Gets Arrested At Gunpoint In Texas For Being A Legal Concealed Carrier
Yes, Indeed, Let's Revise Our Gun Laws
A Quick Gloat on the Iran "Deal"
Obama & Kerry: Such a Fine Line Between Stupid & Clever
Court to citizen: Don’t post anything online about the police officer you’ve been criticizing
Whatever happened to Michael Mann’s defamation suit?
Fact check: Obama claim that ‘I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings; this just doesn’t happen in other countries.’
“Antiabortion rhetoric” is as responsible for Planned Parenthood shooting as Black Lives Matter is for cop killings
Planned Parenthood: Shame on these zealots for their violence…and legislation

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