Friday, December 18, 2015

Links of the Week

Wisconsin “John Doe” anti-conservative hunters become the hunted
The New York Times Just Memory-Holed This Devastating Obama Admission
In Briefing for Columnists, Obama Says He Might Not Have Appreciated The Concern Over the Paris and San Bernadino Attacks Because He Blew Off Watching Cable News During Those Attacks; Realizing This Looks Bad for Obama, The New York Times Deletes It
“We Made A Mistake”: Georgia Police Reportedly Enter Wrong Home In Response To 911 Call, Kill Family Dog, Shoot An Unarmed Father, and Then Shoot One of Their Own Officers
Quote for the Day - delusion of infallibility.
Florida Supreme Court removes judge from office, apparently in part for punching lawyer
So brave And so very clever. John Scalzi
The Real "Crisis" Behind Gun Violence
Missouri Cop Fired for Pointing Weapon at Protesters Now Claims Life is “Ruined”
An Open Letter to Reuters Reporters Nate Raymond and David Ingram
Eric Posner: The First Amendment's Nemesis
Tamir Rice And The Grand Jury Scam
Baby Bou Bou And The Busted Plan
NOAA Admits Global Warming Isn’t Causing Warm Winter Weather
The New York Times Just Memory-Holed This Devastating Obama Admission
Chickenhawks go where the chickens are
Manassas Det. Dave Abbott Ends His Life
Chuck Hagel, The Idiot Who Thought He Could Work With Obama, Talks About Obama's Ineptitude, Micromanaging, and Petty Viciousness
Jeb Bush Threatens to Kill the Republican Party

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