Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dayvoe spins and defends a Government witch hunt and silencing campaign against Climate Deniers.

fossil fuel companies misled investors and the public on the impact of climate change on their businesses.
No, Dayvoe you are trying to spin a Government witch hunt and silencing campaign.

Competitive Enterprise Institute is not a fossil fuel companies with investors.
The CEI Subpoena Cannot Stand
this is a frontal assault on the First Amendment. There is no gloss of feigned rationalization that can explain away why CEI’s right to think, to speak, to advocate, could conceivably be criminal, could conceivably be a legitimate target of a government subpoena.  And the government really doesn’t give a damn about its flagrantly unconstitutional purpose. ... The spin-blame is clear: disagree with Walker, not to mention the other 16 attorneys general, and they will come after you. Pollute people’s minds with ideas and information that challenges theirs and they will use the power of their offices to make your life miserable, to impose as great a burden on you as their powers allow. If you do not think as they do, you are dishonest.
Funny ungodly progressives believe that Government agencies have the absolute right to privacy. But a private nonprofit corporation does not the right to any privacy.

BTW, I have been told by the consensus that Venus is the example of what Earth will become with catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.
So this science is WRONG as Venus can not have a cold layer due to the greenhouse effect.
Strange Layer of Venus Surprisingly Cold

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