Friday, April 01, 2016

2 Political Junkies: April Fools Day!

In response to 2 Political Junkies: April Fools Day!  , we'd like to offer these APRIL FOOL'S DAY jokes:

  1. The Duke Lacrosse and UVA rapes occurred and were covered up by smears, victim blaming and victim shaming.
  2. The 60 minutes Bush TANG memos are genuine and accurate as is the movie Truth about them.
  3. Police unions and Law Enforcement Bill of rights police insure honesty, integrity, ethics, and accountability of the Police. They do not grant more "Rights" to the Police.
  4. The Patriot act has prevented many terrorist attacks.  
  5. The US Government does not engage in mass surveillance of US citizens.
  6. Police never lie, commit or coverup Misconduct or Perjury.
  7. Ted Stevens is Guilty.
  8. The government never engages in concealment of evidence.
  9. The DOJ/ATF never walked guns to Mexico.  And any guns walked were done by the
    rouge ATF whistle blowers. No one in charge knew anything about the Fast
    and Furious gun-walking.
  10. The Benghazi attacks were caused by a YouTube Video.
  11. 'Not even a smidgen of corruption' at the IRS. There was never any targeting
    of Tea party groups.  Any targeting to be found was done by rogue
    agents in Ohio.
  12. Hilary Clinton dodged sniper fire in Kosovo.
  13. Davyoe is a independent moderate.

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