Thursday, July 21, 2016

Comedy Brilliance from Maria Lupinacci at 2 Political Junkies

 2 Political Junkies: GOP Convention Day Four Theme: "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"

Look at those straw men burn. Love the Nazi implication.
#hottake. You know Hillary's H logo has swastika elements, if we're being [omitted] ludicrous

This is Daily Show level humor complete with their level of dishonestly.

I hope Trump and the RNC tell Queen and Earth Wind and Fire that they paid the license fee and to go pound salt. At least until Freddie Mercury complains.

You forgot to complain about the lying Benghazi mother Pat Smith and her false claim/smear that Hilary Clinton said the attack was wholly the fault of the YouTube video.
Shorter @PolitiFact: Several families said the same thing, but there's no recording & Clinton denies. So [omitted] them.

However, I would complain about the GOP convention rhetoric for the beatification of Law Enforcement.  Surprised they did not call for a Federal LEBOR.

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