Friday, July 01, 2016

Links of the Week

Boston Radio Host Intros Trump With War Whoops For Warren
Scarborough Blasts Brown's Attacks On Warren: 'Pack That Away'
Trump Surrogate Howie Carr Claims Trump Told Him Not To Apologize For “War Whoop”
Anyone who Thinks there is Intelligence at the Washington Post Fact Check gets Five Pinnochiios
Democrat Party Platform: Prosecute Those Who Deny Global Warming
Al Qaeda Advisory to Terrorists: Make Sure You Attack Straight White People Or Obama Will Call It a "Hate" Crime and Deny Us the Credit
SCOTUS Strikes Down Challenged Provisions of Texas Abortion Law
A Prosecutor’s Sexual Frustration
Judge Vaughey Reprimanded, Freedom of Speech Vindicated
Judge Cornelius “Forget Brandenburg” Vaughey Formally Reprimanded
Journalists Who Can’t Do Math    
The Slippery Slope is Real    
Benghazi Report Shows Ben Rhodes Pushed False Video Narrative After Attack
Media Silent as Concealed Carrier Stops Mass Shooting in Progress at a South Carolina Nightclub
Skeptics Win! AG pulls #ExxonKnew subpoena
The problem of peer review
The New York Times Says Trust The Prosecutors
Reporter: FBI ordered ‘no photos, no pictures, no cell phones’ during Clinton/Lynch meeting
FBI seeking to prevent disclosure of information about Orlando shooting
Police Video is Good for Transparency, Except in North Carolina
Body Cam Footage Of Cop Hitting Handcuffed Man Leads To Firing Of Three New Orleans Police OfficersWhat Took The Cops So Long In Orlando?
More Obstacles to Prosecuting Police Misconduct Revealed in Police Union Contracts

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