Friday, May 12, 2017

Links of the Week

Liberals' "Protest" In Portland Unexpectedly Turns Into Violent Riot and Arson Spree;Berkeley's Alt-Left Mayor Has Strong Agenda for Quelling Liberals' Violence In Town He Misgoverns
Susan Rice Refuses to Testify Before Congress About Her Role in "Unmasking" Targets of Surveillance, Because She's Just So Darned Innocent
James Clapper Won't Give Straight Answer on Whether He Gave Unclassified Information to a Reporter to Plant a Story
 OPEC to US: Please Help Us Improve the World Economy By Restricting Your Production of Oil
How Impeachment Works
DoJ releases first figures for illegal aliens currently in prison
Jordan Edwards, Inexplicably Dead
Those FBI Indictments Are Gonna Come Someday, Right?
Filipovic and A Women’s Entitlement To Fulfillment
Bill Nye’s Fake Science
Pat Toomey And Joe Manchin: Once A Gun Controller, Always A Gun Controller
Democrat claims classified evidence shows COLLUSION between Trump campaign and Russians
CNN Anchors Call Out Democrat Who Claims He’s Seen Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion
While the Left Ignores Voter Fraud, More Evidence Mounts to Prove Them Wrong
Shocking News About Colbert
Gowdy: Congress Will Subpoena Susan Rice To Testify About Unmasking If Necessary
'Backdoor' Search Of FBI Records Helps Parents Learn How Local Cops Killed Their Son
Louisiana DA's Office Used Fake Subpoenas For Decades To Trick People Into Talking To Prosecutors
US Congress to NSA: How many Americans do you illegally spy on?
No, Sally Yates Did Not Stump Ted Cruz
James Clapper Corrects Left’s Narrative On Russia Election Interference: ‘Not All 17’ Intel Agencies Affirmed
‘Green 20’ Attorneys General Sue Trump To Preserve Obama Climate Policies
Comey Goes
Bill Clinton Fired the FBI Director the Day Before Vince Foster Was Found Dead
The Talk, Codified
Trump Cans Comey Like A Boss
FBI Releases 'Study' Of Law Enforcement's Persecution Complex
Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll Sentenced to 7 to 23 Months for Perjury and Assault

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