Friday, May 26, 2017

Links of the Week

Declassified Memos Show FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data With Third Parties Who Had No Legal Right to Have It
FBI illegally shared surveillance data on Americans with unauthorized third parties and federal contractors
Revealed: Obama's NSA Absused Data-Collection To Spy on Americans for Years
FISA Court Finds "Serious Fourth Amendment Issue" In Obama's "Widespread" Illegal Searches Of American Citizens
More Obama-NSA abuses
Under President Obama, NSA Routinely Violated American Privacy Protections
Beautiful: Pranksters Submit a Hoax Paper on "The Conceptual Penis" to Well-Regarded Gender Studies Journal; Get Peer Reviewed By Two Scholars; Then Get the Ridiculous Thing PublishedWashPost’s Wemple Defends Sneaky Tactics of AP, Freelancer at NH GOP Event
Bogus WashPost Gotcha: Trump ‘Bowed’ To Receive Medal From Saudi King
How Michael Flynn can dodge all possible charges
How the Establishment uses “special counsels”
The Fourth Circuit’s Establishment Of The TrumpLaw Doctrine
Judgement against Trump ADMITS it looked for ANY reason to call ban unconstitutional!
Half True is the Best We Ever Get
Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook Inveighs Against South Carolina Open Carry
What a Tea Party Leader Thinks of Lois Lerner’s Latest Move in Court
Myth of the 97% Scientist Consensus on Global Warming
Trey Gowdy: No Reauthorization Of Spying Programs Until We Get Answers On “Unmasking”

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