Friday, June 02, 2017

Links of the Week

FACT CHECK: Did 17 Intel Agencies ‘All Agree’ Russia Influenced The Presidential Election?
James Rosen: Comey's FBI Broke Its Own Rules & Procedures On Spying On Americans
Portland Mayor Demands Feds Bar Conservative Group From Speaking
Portland Mayor Employs Shameless Tactic in Attempt to Suppress Free Speech Rallies
So many subjects, so little time
Judge in Katie Couric ‘Under the Gun’ libel case calls argument against background checks ‘sophistry’
NYT Covers Up Hillary’s Nixon Impeachment Error With Fake Correction and Headline
Susan Rice, John Brennan, and Samantha Power Subpoenaed to Testify on Unmasking
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum -- Again
Flashback: In 2004, Al Franken, Who Would Later Be Elected Senator With No Media Outrage, Body-Slammed (For Real) a Protester at a Howard Dean Rally
Put Up Or Shut Up
Neil DeGrasse Tyson slams Trump over Paris Agreement decision
The Amazing Arrogance of the Paris Climate Agreement
The Paris Agreement Is a Treaty. Treat It as Such.
Fired Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Convicted in Civil Rights Trial over Violent Heinz Field Arrest
Paris Accord: Trump says ‘no’ to the global elitist scam and the globalists howl
EFF Sues FBI For Refusing To Turn Over Documents About Its Geek Squad Informants
Oh My God: Now the Deep State is Leaking the Name of the Undercover, Clandestine Agent Appointed to Be Head of Iran Desk, Because He's an "Iran Hawk" Who Might Undo Their Iran Deal

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