Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Links of the Week

Swedish Scientist Accuses UN's IPCC of Falsifying Data and Destroying Evidence
Matthew Yglesias- Counter-insurgency guru
Crystal Gail Mangum — Handwritten Statement — April 6, 2006
Nifonged in New York: Report on the Conviction of Jeffrey Deskovic
A Lesson In Hysterics & Hyperbole From Keith Olbermann
Jesse Jackson Arrested at Gun Shop Protest
Damn the Reality, Full Meme Ahead!
Code Pink’s “Sugar Mommy” - Jodie Evans
Shock: SayUncle agrees with the Brady Campaign
Claim That Sea Level Rising Is a Total Fraud
The BCRA Loses In Supreme Court Decision
Gore Blames Scientists For Being Too Stupid To See His Point
Brodhead Wins Sheldon Award
Gore Challenged
The Moral Blindness Of Glenn Greenwald
NBC Features Woman Blaming Wildfires on Environmental Regulations
Would You Do It To A Lesbian?
Coulter Trims the Breck Girl's Beard
Breaking News: Texas Supremes Uphold DeLay Indictment Dismissal
Responding to Syl Jones (and Nifong)
Twice as Many Women Admit to Domestic Violence
Newsweek serves up the hot news that voters are swayed by emotion...
PEW Global Poll Being Misrepresented By Media
Mika Brzezinski Is Five Parts Hot, Seventeen Parts Awesome
Large Payment Awarded After 30 Years of Divorce
Court to censors: Take a hike to Morocco
Actor Gary Oldman Defends His Choice To Not Be Famous
Chris Benoit
"Where’s the Fairness Doctrine when you really need it?"
Hillary’s AIDS Lie
Another attempt to censure Larry Johnson goes awry…
Terrorism - The Left’s Spectrum of Responses, From Irrational to Idiotic
Japanese Propaganda and American Mass Media
al-Qaeda My Lai
Malveaux: "No Comment"
These are the times that try men's souls -- not all men, of course, but some of them. And women, of course. But not all of them, naturally...
Media Still Casting Wilson/Plame As Glorious Tellers Of Truth
Bush Blows It

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