Friday, July 13, 2007

Links of the Week

The Road to a Larger War 
Anti-gun advocates plead guilty to gun crime
In Which A Liberal Makes Himself Sillier Than I Ever Could
When Does a Massacre Matter?
AP Responds to DecapiGate
COIN- Replies from Mike Yon and Kiki Munshi
Michael Yon discusses Bless The Beasts, and the Children Live From Baqubah
Gore: Ignorant or Dishonest?
I wonder about this myself 
Lying Haditha Witnesses
Half A Dot For Mickey Kaus, Perhaps
Bulldozer's progress
Pot, Meet Kettle
"Whispering Truth To Power"
Murtha's "In Cold Blood" Slur Fails to Impress Marine Hearing Officer
Look At Who’s Combing The DC Madam Phone List
INNOCENT: Duke's Very Small Bathroom
Bush Muzzled Sturgeon General - Thank God!
America's Buddy Saddam: Bullsh*t
Stossel Responds to Kennedy's Attacks, Lists False Scares Environmentalists Pushed
Liberal Activist Goes Cuckoo on Carlson: 'You Preppy Punk!'
“Al Qaeda at pre-9/11 strength, analysts say”
A Resurgent Al Qaida?
Cooking The Data
The Media Lied — Iraq Did Meet Many Benchmarks
That Went Well
Charlotte, NC mayor being asked to apologize for true but ‘insensitive’ remarks about black youths
Stay Classy, Atlantic Monthly: Atlantic's Bitch-Blogger Andrew Sullivan Puts Out "Fred Thompson Is A Faggot" Rumor
John Stossel and a primer on the "smuggled premise" 
Rep. Murtha Running For Cover

Finally go see the feminist idiot archduchess Amanda Marcotte  in action.
Don’t support the NRA

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