Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Links of the Week

Marine’s parents want Murtha censured
In The Hands Of Monsters
Nifonged in California: Arthur Caromona
BBC continues to burnish its Rep 
US Soldiers Kill Reuters Employees Insurgents
"I Am Not Answering These Questions!"
A Senate Exchange on Birth & Partial-Birth Abortion
Haditha Butchers Swiftboat Jack Murtha
Estrich: I'm Old, Bitter and Dateless
Congress Should Support the Troops by Censuring Murtha
Woman Says She Confronted Hillary on Broaddrick in N.H., Was Led Out by Secret Service
Geraldo Exploits Zina Linnik’s Uncle to Make a Political Point with Which the Uncle Disagrees
The Case Of The Diamond Dildo
The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy (Hey, That's Not a Bad Title for a Book)
Obama: We Need A Permanent Assault Weapons Ban
John Fallon’s PC Blunder
Parker to the court: The pants shitting hysterics
Heh ... 
Liberals Just Too Darn Nice to Play Politics
A Plame Day
Netroot dilemma?
A Violent Culture of Entitlement: U of Minn. Atheletes Accused Of Raping Unconscious Woman, Caught On Cellphone Video
INNOCENT: “Ethics” & “Open Season” At NPR
Justice Delayed  
Bush vs. Clinton: Secrecy and Secret Renditions
The Lacrosse Case According to NPR
Human Rights Group Now Supports Baby-Killing
While We’re On The Subject Of Hookers, Where’s The Coverage Of Bill Clinton’s Latest Sex Scandal?
Last Call for "Rape-Crisis" Feminism?
The right of the militia to keep and bear arms?
War stories: You need to be able to recognize BS 
NPR: Our Side Is the Right Side
Democrats Pledge to Provide Federal Health Insurance Coverage for Abortions
Democrats Snub Vets for Freedom: Look What You Made Me Do!
At Least He’s Honest
After Awful Duke Coverage, NY Times Shows Sudden Concern for 'Racial Overtones' in Rape Allegations
More Al Gore Hypocrisy: ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Wasn’t Carbon Neutral
Did Environmental Passions Cause Split Between Larry and Laurie?
Democrats on eliminating the filibuster: 2005 edition
Two Simple Questions for Franklin Foer
Hugo Chavez, Peerless Democrat
The Times: Still Misleading
Spitzer staffers misused State Police
Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona has his own problems with politicizing science.
Free Speech: A dangerous Precedent
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Steps on a Cockroach
Changing Standards at the Times

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